Nose Picking – 11 Reasons you should Stop Immediately

Nose picking

How does you feel when you see someone picking their nose right left and center? Nose picking is one of the filthiest habits. It is like scratching your head or biting your nails. Let’s admit that most of us do this, but the reasons may vary. Nose picking is also referred to as Rhinotillexomania in medical terms. Some people stuff their noses with their fingers to remove boogers or out of boredom or compulsive behavior.

Whatever is the reason behind nose picking, it looks very unpleasant and ugly. I know somebody who would dig his nose all the time without even realizing it. The icing on the cake is, he would eat his food without washing his hand or greet people with a hand shuck. I know it sounds gross, that’s how it is.

Nose picking
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This filthy habit can be very unhygienic and can cause bacteria and virus to enter your body because the underside of the nails is a source of microorganisms. When there is a scab in your nose, sometimes you scratch it so hard, that the nose starts to bleed. Due to the irresistible habit of scraping the nostril again and again. This may take a long time to recover. Sticking your finger into your nose can make you sick. Here are 6 reasons why you should stop it immediately:

1.Makes you susceptible to nasal infections:

The fingernails are full of dirt and germs, when you insert your fingers into your nose, it opens a path for microbial infections.

2. Cause nose bleeding:

Nose picking and scratching your nose can cause blood vessels to rupture and bleeding

3. Free entry of bacteria:

Nose picking allows bacteria to enter the body from other parts such as hands and mouth.

Nose picking
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4. Nasal folliculitis:

Your hand is home of pathogens and bacteria. Scratching your nose will cause nasal folliculitis, which appears as a pimple inside the nose. When you pick your nose frequently, the hair follicles get infected.

5. Damage to the Septum:

When a person frequently picks their nose, this can damage the nasal septum, resulting in a hole in the nasal septum. The septum is a structure that separates the left and right nostrils.

6. Causes Nasal vestibulitis:

While picking our nose, we often pull the nose hair. This can cause aching scabs. Nasal vestibulitis is the swelling of the nasal cavity, caused by extreme nose blowing or digging. This can cause boils or bumps in the nostrils.

Nose picking
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7. Damage to the nasal cavity:

Frequently nose picking, can damage the nasal cavity, causing inflammation and soreness in the nasal tissue.

8. Pulling your nose hair:

Many people pull the nose hair out to look neat. This will open the nasal passage for pathogens and dirt. The hair inside the nose prevents the dust from entering your body.

9. Nail-biting:

Nose diggers bite their nails and continue to touch their faces with the same dirty fingers. This can cause pimples and rashes on the face. This is a double jeopardy.

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10. Easy to catch cold:

We touch railings, elevators, trolleys, bus stops, etc. with our hands, making our hands very dirty. We then put those fingers up your nose, which makes us susceptible to colds.

11. OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:

Any obsessive-compulsive disorder should stop immediately because it begins to control its movements, and picking your nose is a grubby OCD. The brain begins to see it as a ritual and cannot stop it.

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