8 Ways to have a Strong Marriage

Ways to Strong Marriage

Marriages are made in heaven, but after getting married why it becomes hell? There is nothing called happily married because couples ought to fight over trivial matter, disagree on key issues, argue on financial problems and the list goes on. Spending your life with someone goes through a lot of turbulence but without a companion, the world will stand still. The life will become hopeless and lose its charm. A marriage needs a lot of effort, commitment, patience and love.

Follow these Ways to have a Strong Marriage and a blissful marriage:

Arguments are normal

No marriage is hunky dory all the time. There will be difference of opinion as you both think in a different manner. So you have to agree to disagree. Whenever you feel the arguments are going off the track, change the route. End the conversation then and there because during fights we tend to say things which make the relationship worse. Having an argument doesn’t mean you are not happily married. It is a part and parcel of a marriage.

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Don’t involve others

This is the biggest mistake any couple can make, involving others to resolve their conflicts. This is in fact going to worsen the situation and hurt the self respect of each other in front of outsiders. Settle down your issues your own, people are only going to pass judgments and gossip about you later.

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Put efforts

I understand you are busy in office but take time to communicate, make calls, inform them about your whereabouts, take an off to spend a day together, help each other in household chores, go for shopping rather sitting at home and ordering online. These small gestures will make you feel wanted and loved.


A relationship won’t work without compromise. This will spare your relationship from getting rupture and you will also share a great bond hence after. Compromise should not be taken as a as a task which you to do forcefully but it should be out of love and compassion to save your relationship.

Ways to Strong Marriage

Respect each other

It is very important to be respectful and kind towards one another. Being analytical and sarcastic can make the relationship bitter and dissatisfied. Avoid firing up the situation by attacking on their character or habits. Don’t keep complaining about things they are lacking in rather focus on their positive attributes. For example, instead of saying you are careless always keep wet towel on the bed, just say, after taking shower please keep the towel for drying outside. Even if you have to say this every day, say it. This sounds much better and avoids conflict later.


Every relationship will get monotonous after a while. Love isn’t an emotions, it’s a promise, a commitment to love every day. Being together physically and emotional is not an easy task. People get detached or the spark waves off but relationship doesn’t work like that, we need someone who never gives up on us and love you out rightly, unconstrained and without any reservations. If your emotion keeps changing with every situation, that isn’t real love.

Ways to Strong Marriage

Don’t bring past

Bury the past and then live happily after. You got to forgive you partner for a fight happened a day before. Holding on to grudges and bringing up the past can bring a storm into the relationship. Storms which can shatter your life and can make you repent all your life. Your spouse will make mistake, the essential thing is to decide what matters the most the relationship or the mistake. On many occasion you will have to look beside your anger, move on and don’t bring the past grudges.

Appreciation is important

Taking each other for granted in a relationship is a universal fact. We all need a bit of admiration and value in life, this boosts are morale and will also strengthen your relationship. Criticizing each other all the time will make you resentful and displeased. Put your energy into mending your relationship, this will also keep the spark alive.

Ways to Strong Marriage

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