Bad Posture – 6 Common Posture Mistakes We all Make

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Bad posture – We have often heard throughout our childhood to walk straight with shoulder back and chin up. But good posture has got restricted to mere photographs. Improving your posture is probably the last thing that will come to your mind to enhance your overall health and get rid of bad posture. Many people often complain about pain in their neck, back, and shoulders, which can be a result of slouching back, walking like a Donald duck, hunching back while texting, parking your butt on the couch through out the day etc.

All this can cause your back out of alignment and can result in immense pain. Your bones and muscles are designed in a particular way, so if they get strained, you may start suffering from chronic health issues such as osteoporosis, spurs, spondylosis, and arthritis. That painful sensation of stiffness when you do routine activities says a lot about your physical health. Bad spinal posture can also cause nerve compression. Therefore, correcting your posture can make a huge difference. Here are 6 common bad posture mistakes:

1.Rounded or hunched shoulders and text neck:

You have got glued to your computer screen, looking down at your phones for texting, carrying heavy items, etc. This tends to lean your head forward, which encourages bad posture. A rounded shoulder can cause pain in the back, neck, and shoulders by overstressing the curve in the upper vertebrae, tugs your head and neck into a harmful tilt. To attain better posture, we need to stretch our chest, upper back, neck, and shoulders to relieve pain.


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2. Slouching or sliding down in a chair:

If the chair you use doesn’t support your back, you will soon be a victim of a misaligned spine. Slouching over time can increase the stress in the lower back and hip muscles and can result in pain. To avoid chronic health issues, you need to make your core and hip muscles strong by exercising regularly. Sit straight and place something beneath your feet to prevent slouching or you can also place a pillow behind to support your lower back.


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3. Leaning on one side of the body:

Putting weight on one leg or drooping on one hip while standing or making a call or holding your child on one side can cause intense stress in the entire body and is considered as a bad posture. It puts a lot of strain on the ligaments, pelvis, knees and disturbs your usual gravity controls system. This develops muscle imbalance around the pelvic girdle. It can be very damaging in the long run. Therefore, it is important to be conscious all the time and distribute your body weight evenly on both legs. The best way to overcome this is by strengthening your core and hip area.


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4. Sitting for long periods:

Most of my acquaintances who have a seating job complain about neck and back pain. Sitting in front of your laptop or on your couch or chair can lead to disc damage, pain in the neck and back. It can also elevate your blood pressure, increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and can also disturb the flow of blood in your body. Therefore, take regular breaks and walk around, stretch your body, walk while talking over the phone, take the stairs, etc. Even if you exercise on regular basis sitting for a longer period will result in chronic illnesses.


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5. Cradling your phone:

Talking over the phone and working on a laptop simultaneously is the favorite task of most office workers. This can lead to painful muscle imbalance resulting in neck pain. Holding your phone between the head and shoulder can be very damaging. It is advisable to use a hands-free while talking and perform exercises to fix your neck pain.

Bad posture
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6. Curling up on the couch while working:

What a comfortable position while working on a laptop, but extremely bad for your posture. Non-ergonomic position can be fatal and also reduces your productivity. We curl up on the couch while watching TV, listening to music, reading, playing, etc. This position can strain your shoulder and back. Make sure to sit on a chair that supports your lumber and feet placed on the floor. Avoid rounding your spine and sit tall.

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