Are you a Tea lover – 11 Reasons Why You Should Not Drink Too Much


Tea is life, ecstasy and sentiment all rolled into one.  Do you have the same reaction when I say the word Tea? Can’t begin your day without a cup of “Chai”? If that’s the case, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Chai is one of the most widely consumed beverages on the planet. Adrak wali chai, elaichi wali chai, masala chai, saunf chai, and now covid immunity booster chai… phew!!!! It’s no surprise they all sound energizing. Chai is also an integral aspect of your life, from festivities to casual gatherings to griefs to rejuvenation to brightening a gloomy day. Before you grab that extra cup of chai, consider the following 11 tea side effects:

1.Reduce Iron absorption:

Tea includes tannins and oxalates, a polyphenol component that prevents iron from being absorbed by the body. If ingested in excessive quantities, this causes an iron shortage. The mineral iron is also required for the synthesis of blood. It also transports oxygen from the lungs to every part of the body. As a result, vegetarians and vegans are more prone to iron deficiency.


Iron deficiency
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2. Feeling bloating:

Tea consumption in excess can induce bloating and exacerbate other digestive concerns such as acid reflux and heartburn. It weakens your natural gastric acids when consumed on an empty stomach or first thing in the morning. It also causes digestion to take longer. Lactose intolerant people may feel bloating as a result of the milk in the tea.


Bloating - belly
Are you suffering from Bloating, flatulence

3. Dehydration:

If you need a cup of tea every hour, the bad news is that you will become dehydrated. It is also a diuretic, which means that if you drink too much of it, you’ll have to urinate frequently, which might lead to dehydration. It also  includes caffeine, which might irritate your stomach.


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4. Complicates pregnancy:

Tea consumption should be limited, especially during pregnancy, as too much caffeine raises the risk of preterm birth or miscarriage. Caffeine use should be reduced by women who want to conceive because it can cause reproductive problems.


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5. Trouble sleeping and restlessness:

Caffeine might disrupt your sleep pattern if you consume too much chai or coffee. Caffeine overdose also causes agitation and anxiety.


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6. Makes you fat:

Regular tea is a sugary beverage that combines milk and sugar. Some individuals prefer their chai with a lot of sugar and a lot of milk in it. Chai is traditionally brewed with sugar and milk, which also increases calorie consumption and leads to weight gain.


weight gain

7. An addiction:

Caffeine, which is found in tea, is addictive and causes withdrawal symptoms. Headaches, irritation, loss of concentration, and exhaustion are also common complaints among those who skip their daily cup of tea.

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8. Increases the Risk of Prostate Cancer:

You are more likely to acquire prostate cancer if you are a compulsive tea drinker. However, there are additional factors that can contribute to the disease, such as lifestyle, age, and food.

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9. Trigger tinnitus:

If you have tinnitus or a buzzing sound in your ears, drinking too much tea can make it worse. Caffeine can also raise blood pressure, which might cause ringing in some people.

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10. Makes your teeth yellow:

Tea drinkers have one thing in common: yellow teeth. Because of the acid and tannins in chai, drinking too much of it can discolor your teeth.

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11. Unusual bone disease:

Drinking too much tea can cause skeletal fluorosis, a painful bone condition caused by a rise in fluoride levels in the body. This also causes harm to the bone by reducing its flexibility.

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Note: Any information on the website My blog adda is not proposed as a substitute for medical assistance. Always consult your doctor in case of any medical diagnosis or cure. 

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