Murder Mubarak – Is it worth watching?

Murder Mubarak
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“Club You To Death,” Anuja Chauhan’s 2021 best-seller, is the basis for Homi Adajania’s murder mystery “Murder Mubarak.” This remarkable writer possesses the potential to write a blockbuster due to her distinct writing style and ability to develop relatable characters and topics.

Murder Mubarak Plot:

Upon discovering a dead body at the Royal Delhi Club, director Homi Adajania compiles a powerful cast of possible suspects. There’s the joyful widow Bambi (Sara Ali Khan), the Bollywood starlet Shehnaz Noorani (Karisma Kapoor), the regal Rannvijay (Sanjay Kapoor), and the attorney Akash (Vijay Varma). And those are only the staff members; each one of them has a unique story to tell.

Entering the site to investigate, Tripathi’s character, ACP Singh, soon realises this is murder rather than an accident. By being friendly and inquisitive with the members, Singh is able to learn a great deal about the victim and the people who wanted him killed. Before identifying the killer the movie makes multiple stops into different storylines and baseless leads.

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Murder Mubarak: Review

The primary issue in Murder Mubarak is the excessive number of characters, which impedes each one’s own development. Thus, preconceptions about some of them still persist.

The Royal Delhi Club, located in the heart of the city, radiates an upper-class feeling of exclusivity and grandeur. For the city’s elite few, the club acts as a retreat where luxury and refinement coexist. But one fateful evening, a murder takes place among the glittering crowd assembled for a renowned event, shattering the peaceful ambiance of the club. The job of digging through the intricate web of deceit and intrigue surrounding the murder falls to expert detective ACP Bhawani Singh (Pankaj Tripathi), who is well-known for his sharp wit and unwavering devotion to justice.

ACP Singh discovers a network of betrayal, long-standing resentments, and jealousy boiling behind the glitzy club exterior as he makes his way through the maze of lies and deceit.

By playing the eccentric sculptor Cookie Katoch, whose quirks offer both comedic relief and insightful perspectives on the crime at hand, Dimple Kapadia lends another level of eccentricity to Murder Mubarak. She proved how versatile an actor she is with her performance. Dimple expertly captures the quirks of Bambi (Sara), whether it’s her sympathy for the working class or the fact that she consumes the murder investigation in the same way that we do. It’s wonderful to have Karisma Kapoor back on screen; no one else could portray the elusive star quite like her. Her eyes have such expressive power that the tragedy inherent in her portrayal shines through.

Is it worth watching?

Although it’s not the best whodunit, Murder Mubarak keeps you guessing long enough to keep things intriguing. Although the long running duration takes away some of the charm and makes the caricatured nature feel more obvious, the picture is still redeemed by the way it all fits together.

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