What’s The First Thing You Will Do Once The Lockdown Is Over?


This sudden lockdown has made us stressed and grumpy. The restriction imposed on our movement, social distancing, work from home, children idle at home and also one can’t take fresh air or go out for exercising. People can’t go to their favorite restaurants, malls are closed and gyms are shut, it seems as if the life has come to a complete halt and there doesn’t seem a resolution in the coming future in respect to the current scenario prevailing in the country.


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Lockdown is a very harsh step taken by the government to limit public movement to avert the transmission of the pandemic from one person to another. Lockdown includes the total stoppage of any kind of public movement except essential services like buying groceries or medical services. There is a strict order for people to remain at home and doesn’t venture out until this whole situation gets normal. Even if they want to go out for buying groceries, they are supposed to wear a mask which has become compulsory by the government.

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People are frustrated to be stuck inside and not being able to meet their friends and pursue any outdoor activity. The major concern is social distancing has affected us mentally and physically as well. Some people are considering it like a jail sentence and there is no way they can avoid it. Inactivity is leading to gloominess and misery. Public is dying to come out of home and lead a normal life. So here I did a survey and asked some them that what’s the first thing they will do once the lockdown is over? I am going to start with me:

1.No doubt I will go to the parlor and get my eyebrows and wax done

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2. A friend in Mumbai will go to Ram Mandir

3. Many of them had street food in their list and some of them wants to go their favorite restaurants

4. A friend is missing her mom dad so she will visit them (so sweet)

5. A known’s husband wants to go to office rather working from home. He must have gone bored with wearing a boxer and a shirt on top while attending a video call. Office needs such hard working employees hahahahaha.

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6. A couple of them said they will do “Sex”. Honesty is the best policy. Dude you have won my heart. hahhahahaha

7. A few wants to park for a run or go to gym for workout

8. Another guy told me he is going to play “Cricket”

9. Most of them even said they will drink beer with their buddies.

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10. A friend told me he will immediately look for a girl to get married so that if the lockdown happens again, he won’t get bored (he really needs to talk to some of his married friend and get enlighten….hahaha…. as grass is always greener on the other side)

11. Another one is pissed off with over dose of social media that he will turn off his face book account for a week.

12. Some will go to the salon for cutting their hair

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13. This is another hilarious answer a known will make recovery of outstanding payments at first

14. Some would still stay at home (Jaan hai tau Jahan hai)

15. An other one wants to “Sleep”, I wonder seriously sleep….. What was he doing during this lockdown ????? Hahahaha. Good one buddy.

16. Many of them will ask their crush for a date (itne din se soye the kya bhai)

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The list is endless but I need an answer from you guys…. Yes people who are reading this blog… I need to know what is the first thing you are going to do once the jail sentence I mean the lockdown gets over.

Do leave a comment. Till then remain at home, be safe……..

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