Why Lock Down is Important?

Lock Down is Important

Due to COVID 19 pandemic, with a mounting number of countries around the world going into lock down to control the spread of the disease, people are strained to remain at home. Many are wondering why these measures are required, how long they will have to confine to their house and maintain the social distancing. Was it even required to take such strict action as it is very unnatural for human beings to stay at home 24 by 7? Why it has brought the globe to a standstill? Prime Minister Narendra Modi took this extreme step and made an announcement to a complete lockdown for 21 days (which may or may not extend).

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What is Lock down?

A lock down is a crisis procedure that prevents people from exiting a specified area. A full lock down will mean you must remain where you are and not leave the particular area. This situation generally allows for indispensable supplies, grocery shops, pharmacies, and banks to still serve the people. India, at the stage, isn’t under total lock down.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has forced a lockdown of India’s 1.3 billion people to fight the outspread of corona virus, advising people to take this lockdown with utmost sincerity to fight against the pandemic. The measures include work from home, school/college closure, rail/intercity bus service has been suspended closure of public places. It is not possible to shut down emergency services, grocery stores, banks ATM machines, pharmacies, LPG cylinder agencies as people need them for survival while sitting at home. All non-essential activities remain to shut for the entire period. The nation is suffering too because of the economic distress.

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Why this lock down is essential?

  • COVID 19 is very contagious, each person suffering from the disease can affect numerous people and hence the infection will go viral. Therefore social distancing is important to stop the infection from getting spread from one person to another.
  • 21 days lock down will rupture the contagion chain of the COVID 19 – Corona virus.
  • Lock down is also necessary to handle the situation or else the country and every individual will suffer in the future and things will go out of control. Like this, uncertainties of devastation can be reduced.
  • Any person infected with the virus won’t come to know in the beginning. Numerous amounts of people with either no symptoms or very meek symptoms have been circulating the virus, ignorant that they were even infected. Hence, it is mandatory for everyone to take precautions to stay at home.

A plan of action like 21 days lock down, social distancing and good hygiene practices can help prevent the circulation of COVID-19 in a way that prevents the health system from being dazzled. A 3-week lock down, however, is found inadequate to prevent renaissance and, instead, protocols of unrelenting lockdown with intermittent respite are recommended.


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