12 Things Women Find Attractive in Men


The very first thing that anyone notices about another person is their physical attributes. When it comes to love, a guy’s masquerade and appearance are the primary factors that attract a girl. But that isn’t the only thing that attracts women’s attention. Since relationships aren’t solely based on outward appearances, other factors such as personality, charm, and personality play an important role in pleasing men.

Let’s face it: not every guy is blessed with good looks and an attractive personality. Good looks can help, but they aren’t as essential as you might believe. As per research, women prefer better-looking guy for flings rather than long-term relationships.

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While appearances are essential to both males and females, they are very far from the most significant factor when it comes to choosing a spouse. The psychology of sexual interest is complex, encompassing a variety of factors such as how you dress up, the kind of perfume you wear, your emotional quotient, etc.

Men’s interests may not be the same as women’s interests. Here are some incredible attributes that women look for in a potential companion:

1.An amazing sense of humor

Women prefer males with a good sense of humor. Everyone wants to be with someone who can make them laugh. Women like being lifted out of a bad mood with a grin and some light teasing, and great jokes are particularly endearing. However, you should use caution when using humor to diffuse a difficult situation.

2. A well-paid profession

It goes without saying that your job has an impact on your love life. Women are drawn to males who have a decent salary and a high position in their profession. They also prefer guys who wear uniforms, such as pilots or soldiers.

3. Having a dog

Women considered guys with dogs to be more attractive. Having a dog can make a man appear happier and more relaxed, as well as send a strong message about his desire to commit to a long-term relationship.

4. It’s All About Height.

In the relationship department, there appears to be a trend that females are more attracted to males who are taller than they are.

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5. Old is gold.

As per a research journal, gals prefer older guys. It can be attributed to the fact that women seek financially secure and attractive partners who can support them.

6. Pictures with a prominent backdrop

Females’ get attracted to guys posing in front of expensive cars or flats more than guys posing in front of normal cars or homes, partly because they make the men look rich.

7. Ethics

Many females find a guy with ethics physically attractive. Integrity is important because if you are genuine and have integrity, a man is less likely to cheat on his partner and is more likely to stay loyal and kind.

8. Being emotionally present is essential.

A woman want to know when their guy is pleased or dissatisfied so they can respond accordingly.

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9. Kindness is important.

When it comes to attracting someone, it’s not all about looks. If you’re looking for a long-term partner, research has shown that females are drawn to guys who are compassionate and kind.

10. Hands that are strong

Strong hands are all that actually matters when it comes to attracting a woman because they are one of the things that will always be part of contact between couples.

The most important thing to remember is that a soft touch from strong hands is one of life’s most precious gifts.

11. Guys that know how to cook

Two of the greatest combinations in the world are good food and love! Females prefer males who can cook and care for themselves.

12. Guys with beard

Beards are all the rage these days, and according to a recent study, females think guys with facial hair are more desirable, as well as physically and emotionally powerful.

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