Bigg Boss 15 – Rakhi Sawant’s Relationship with her Husband

Rakhi Sawant, the TV’s controversial personality who had been constantly grumbling about her hubby Ritesh in the previous season, created waves when she and her husband Ritesh entered Bigg Boss 15 together last month. Since 2019, Rakhi has been talking about her husband Ritesh and their marriage, and now the audience gets to see him. Ritesh’s background began to influence his relationship with Rakhi as time went on. His and Rakhi’s marriage is not legitimate, according to a woman in Bihar who claims he is still wedded to her. She even accused him of abusing her and abandoning their son.

Rakhi Sawant’s relationship with her husband Ritesh

When they were inside the Bigg Boss 15 house, though, Rakhi and Ritesh didn’t appear to have a very healthy relationship. Rakhi was often complaining about Ritesh keeping his distance from her and acting inappropriately. Rakhi, a former Bigg Boss contestant, warns her husband about reality show contestants exploiting him. He denies her suggestion by saying, “Mujhe sikhane ki koshish mat karo (don’t try to teach me).”

She also tells him that people would take advantage of his sentiments and that he must be cautious. Rakhi responds, “Tum game nahi samajhte Bigg Boss 15,” when Ritesh argues he can’t change himself. She also argues that he doesn’t comprehend the significance of this show because he had everything delivered to him on a silver platter. After that, the two make a promise not to speak to each other.

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Ritesh was evicted from Bigg Boss 15

He was evicted from Bigg Boss 15 this weekend, along with Rajiv Adatia. He talked about Rakhi Sawant and his experience on the show. Ritesh admitted that his arguments with Rakhi were all in good fun, and he even mentioned Snigdha, his first wife. He also stated that he would hold a news conference to discuss how his first wife made his life a living hell for him.

Rashami was enraged at Ritesh

“Wo toh mere paas baitha hi nahi hai, kuch bahar nikal jayega,” Rakhi Sawant said Rashami Desai, “(he doesn’t even sit with me, fearing something would leak.”)

“Tune kya aise hi shaadi kar li (You married him without thinking?)” Rashami questioned. “Main manage kar rahi hoon naa (I’m trying to handle it),” Rakhi said.

“Raveena mentioned a name and I assumed she has come,” Rakhi added, referring to his first wife, Raveena Tandon, who appeared on the Bigg Boss 15 show and pranked Ritesh.

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“Isliye toh chupke baita tha, do saal bahar nahi aaya, ( This is why he hid for two years). Udhar bhi rakhega biwi, idhar bhi rakhega biwi toh kaise chalega. How will he be able to keep two women at the same time)?” she wondered.

Rashmi asked, “Matlab tu bahar jaa ke bhi Bigg Boss khelegi (Will you play Bigg Boss in reality as well?)” She said, “Mera Bigg Boss khatam hi nahi hota (My Bigg Boss doesn’t finish).”

It’s a drama, according to fans

Fans have been doubting their relationship since Ritesh joined the show, and their fight has been labelled as drama. An old photograph of Ritesh and his alleged family was recently discovered by netizens, sparking a social media dispute. A Twitter user nicknamed Ritesh ‘Bhade ka Pati’ after highlighting the bichukale’s appearance on the show. He also demanded that the Bigg Boss 15 makers and the channel stop deceiving the audience by fabricating angles.

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Many people voiced their displeasure with the photographs going viral in the post’s comment section. “Is this really true..??????…” wrote one user. “ I believed it was edited because there were still wedding photographs in the middle, but somehow it happens to be true… Bichukale was absolutely correct. Another person tweeted kaha se mila? kaun hai ye?


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