5 Practices to Help Maintain Mental Health during the Corona virus Lockdown

Mental Health Issues

The Covid 19 outbreak has restricted our moment and we are confined to our houses which can take a toll on our mental health. Few have started panicking and some our going towards depression. Things are ugly, in fact has become uglier and social distancing has made people paranoid. But panicking won’t help you find a solution. It is an inevitable circumstance and we all have to deal with a lot of perseverance and positivity. Here are a few suggestions that could help you survive negative feelings about this unsure time.

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It is very important to have a routine during normal conditions, but it is more essential to have a routine under unnatural circumstances like lock down due to Corona Virus – Covid 19. Make an effort and maintain some resemblance of formation before the lock down days. The schools are closed, many people are working from home and not allowed to go out (only in case of emergency), tempting to fall into a sedentary lifestyle is very common and can even lead to stress (Mental Health Issues).

We all are facing a new challenge, so worry comes natural but it’s actually much better for everyone’s mental well-being to try to stick to a routine, as much as possible. It is very important for you to wake up and sleep at the same time, eating meals regularly, exercising at fixed timings and in fact taking shower every morning is also a part of routine (which I know many of you are avoiding)

There will be days when you will be exhausted with the circumstances and there will be a spike in anxiety. A routine will help you stay away from the boredom and help you in maintaining mental health during this time of uncertainty.

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Excess of everything is not good for your physical as well mental wellness; therefore it applies to watching news also. Freeing up your mind from the never ending corona virus coverage is very essential; it is very tempting to keep checking news and updates but it makes your mind more anxious and can lead to depression.

See, the situation is going to be hairy for a while but you shouldn’t trust everything you are watching. It is only going to induce your anxiety level. Limit your time perhaps 30 to 40 minutes every day and choose only the credible resource or websites.

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During this global crisis, the lock down has made us confined to our houses. But that can’t be an excuse for you to not to exercise. Exercise not only builds your immunity but also wards off psychological issues linked with being cooped up for an extensive time period.

Exercise also reduces your stress hormones such as cortisol and also releases endorphin which is also known as happy hormones. I know you are craving to go out and get some fresh air but let’s not complicate thing, utilize your time well. There are a lot of options available online which can put together a workout together.

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DE clutter your home, this is the best thing you can do during this period of pandemic. There are corners which you wanted to clean or a cupboard you wanted to organize or throw away some old clothes and there can be many. We would keep procrastinating in the past de cluttering or cleaning our space in the name of being busy or having no time.

But today it is a blessing in disguise situation and we have ample time to take charge of the house. The caution is that, you don’t get fanatical about cleaning, since there’s only so much you can do. But during this lock down, using the extra time in hand, to rearrange and throw or donate stuff you no longer use is an excellent idea.

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I am sure there must be plenty of things you wanted to do in the past but couldn’t due to paucity of time. It can be meditation or practicing guitar or head stand (in my case), gardening or can be any xyz, depending on your choice and willingness. Trying new things is very important for your mental wellness and gives you a sagacity of purpose.

This will also reduce a lot of your stress and anxiety caused due to lock down phase. This may or may not be helpful in the future but will instill in you a purpose to attain self improvement and will also utilize your time in a more productive manner.

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