Weight Loss – 7 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

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Weight loss is the easiest and can be the most toughest task. Its about having a control on your mind. I believe going on extreme diets gives you a temporary result. Permanent weight loss is all about change in your life style. If you follow these 7 rules which i have mentioned below, iam 100% sure you are going to achieve results faster and will experience a healthy change in your body.

1. Start your day with water and not caffeine:

You must have heard of this term Bed tea/ morning tea, many of us have this habit of having tea and coffee as we get up. It’s a most common household practice. Having caffeine the first thing in the morning can disturb your metabolism, can cause bloating which loads to gas and constipation and dehydrates your body. The best way to start your day is by having water as soon as you wake up. Water removes the toxin from the blood. It helps in getting rid of constipation, improves our digestion.

It is very good for the skin, good for hydration. The entire night we are in starvation mode, our stomach is completely empty therefore chances of heart burn is more likely, having water in the morning will reduce the chances of acidity. If you are not use to having water in the morning, start with half a glass and increase your intake to half a litre.


2. Say No to processed and packaged food:

The most convenient thing to eat these days is to pick up a pack of chips or a canned soup or a cold drink. They look convenient but they have a lot of negative effect on our body. Processed and packaged food is empty calories. They are high in sugar, fat and salt. They contain artificial ingredients, very low in nutrition and highly indulgent. Our body is unable to digest them. They lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. They are generally termed as bad food.

3. Have fruits instead of juices:

Whole fruit has more fiber, vitamins and minerals. They are more filling. Whole fruit has antioxidants and other vitamins which juices are deprived of. Fruits give you more satisfaction as you feel fuller. Fiber is extracted from the juices therefore the sugar content increases. Flavonoids which have lot of health benefits and antioxidant effects also get removed along with the fiber.

4. Reduce your intake of Carbohydrates like Rice, pasta, white bread, pastries:

Carbohydrate gives us energy but excess of it in the body turns into fat. The carbohydrate with high Glycemic index can read to weight gain. They are also known as BAD CARBOHYDRATES. They are high in calories and less in fiber. They increases the risk of diabetes and heart diseases,

5. Increase your fiber:

Fiber rich food lowers blood cholesterol level. Its fights constipation and increases your satiety level. It is very good for healthy digestive system; it reduces the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and helps in reducing weight. Fiber rich food includes: vegetables, fruits, almonds, oats etc.

6. Dinner should be lightest of all the meals:

Having a light dinner digests the food in a better manner which is very essential for a good sleep. It also removes bloating. It aids in weight loss as well.

7. Cut back on sugar:

Cutting back on sugar will help you in losing weight. Sugar comes in different forms and by different names like fructose, maltose, malt syrup, fruit concentrate juices, lactose etc etc so when the fruit juice says “it contains no sugar”, there is a hidden sugar with a different name and form. It’s an empty calorie and very addictive. Excess of sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes and high insulin resistance and can also cause cavities.

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