10 Essential Ways to maintain Weight on an Official trip

Maintain Weight

I had written an article on how to maintain weight while you are on a vacation. After reading that article a friend of mine Kunal asked me to post a blog on how to maintain your weight on an official trip as he travels a lot and it gets difficult for him to maintain his weight while he is travelling for work. So this blog is dedicated to him. I share the same story as I do travel a lot for work and this is how I maintain myself.

I hope this article will be very helpful for the people who are trying to lose weight

1.Keep yourself hydrated – An important way to lose weight

On a business trip for that matter even on a long day conference meeting, we tend to skip the most essential part of our daily life which is water. We are so much engrossed in our work that sipping water becomes the last priority. Lack of water can cause dehydration and fatigue which may result in low performance and you can fall sick. Drink adequate amount of water throughout the day. Keep a water bottle next to your seat. It will also cut down on your hunger pangs and makes you feel fresh.

lose weight


2. Don’t be addicted to Tea and Coffee

I completely understand meetings can really get boring sometimes but Tea & Coffee is not the solution. To some extent they can even make you sleepy since it causes dehydration which further causes fatigue. Caffeine is considered as diuretic which makes you urinate more often and therefore dehydrates your body.

3. Choose healthier options at the Restaurants to keep your weight in check

I know you love food but to gain something one has to give up few things. But let’s not compromise on the taste bud. I am going to help you with the various healthy options you can always choose from:

a. Opt for tandoori options made in a traditional clay oven like: Tandoori paneer or chicken or mushroom or vegetables.

b. Skip the NAAN: Opt for a Roti instead without butter/ghee (clarified butter).

c. Stay away from dishes which say lababdar, malai, shahi, ghee (clarified butter), coconut milk.

d. Opt for a Clear Soup and not a creamy one.

e. Opt for a Fresh Green Salad.

f. Skip the appetizer: Save your calorie and appetite for the main meal.

g. A whole wheat/brown bread sub sandwich with low dressing.

h. If it’s a South Indian restaurant Opt for idli with sambhar skip the chutneys or if you want to have a Dosa prefer a plain one with less oil / mix vegetable utthpam cooked in less oil.

i. Include healthy proteins like fish, chicken, salmon, or eggs in your diet.

j. Avoid any kind of drinks along with the food.

k. Sweets after a good meal is only going to add up more calories and you will gain weight.

l. Last but not the least watch your quantity.

4. Workout everyday

Most of the hotels have gym facilities available or else wear your shoes and run outside. Travelling for work can’t be an excuse for you to not to work out. Infact I really love it. New city, new environment, new faces but girls make sure that the area is safe.


5. Please don’t skip Breakfast

It’s the most important meal of your day. It improves your metabolism as the blood sugar level drops down in the morning, so breakfast gives you that energy. Being hungry for a longer time can give you headache and also decreases your energy level. Breakfast will improve your concentration and focus for a long day ahead. Don’t mix too many combinations like mixing sambhar with cornflakes and milk or fruits with parantha. This can lead to flatulence and can be very disturbing throughout the day. You can opt for:

a. Omlette with whole bread and salad on the side

b. Upma

c. Stuffed parantha without butter with curd (avoid pickle)

d. Idli sambhar skip those chutneys

e. Poha

f. Fruits

g. Daliya/ Oats/wheat flakes with milk and some nuts

Maintain Weight

6. Stay active throughout the day to lose weight

Take the stairs, walk as much as you can. Avoid sitting for a long duration.


7. Avoid eating in the flights

The food is not fresh and also it’s not that filling rather eat at home or grab a sub sandwich without dressing of course.


8. Let’s come to the important part i.e. Drinks

I am a teetotaler but still can suggest one thing be professional even if it’s necessary for you to drink, you are here for work and not a marriage function so drink in limits. Don’t get high at all. Alcohol calories can really add up quickly.

Maintain Weight


9. Stay away from Buffets to lose weight

We do hog and not just eat if it’s a Buffet. We get so much excited looking at the various food options available that we forget about losing weight rather we come back to our base with those extra kilos.

Maintain Weight


10. Avoid food with loads of sugar, processed and packaged food to lose weight

It’s only an empty calorie and doesn’t provide any nutrition.

Maintain Weight



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