I want to tell you why you should Travel and escape from whatever is happening in your life by going on a vacation you are planning since long. I am not saying it’s the permanent solution to your problems but it will heal you and prepare you to handle them in a better manner.

There are 11 Reasons Why You Should Travel

Travel helps you unwind

The way we need a charger to recharge our mobile. The same way we need to travel to restore our depleted battery. Travel gives you much needed time for yourself and helps you relax. Packing our bag gives us an amazing feeling and brings a sense of joy and happiness. It ensures peace of mind. This break is very important for rejuvenation.


Releases stress

Vacation reduces our stress. People who travel frequently can perform better in a challenging situation and are able to handle mental pressure. It helps in lowering your blood pressure, heart rate and relaxes our mind. Travel is good for the soul.



Explore yourself

Do we really know who we are? I love travelling because it takes me out of my comfort zone. It made me realize that the world is limitless; the limits are only in my mind. I became more grateful towards mountains, sea and the entire nature. Spending time on the beach looking at the shores, going for trekking in the mountains brings the ultimate peace I was looking for. So if you also want to know who you really are. Pack your bags and explore yourself.



Strengthens the relation

Travelling is also connected to building relationship with your friends and family. It gives us a chance to get engaged with each other in a deeper way. It gives us an opportunity to grow and build a lifelong bond. It’s a great way to make new friends either with fellow travelers or locals.  Couples can reignite their romance. I remember taking my parents to Port Blair which was my mother’s favorite travel destination since she was a kid. When she reached there, I still can’t forget that smile on her face and now she talks about it all the time. My bond with my mother got strengthen because of that one trip which she was longing for.


Increases your knowledge and opens your mind

Travelling widens our horizon and increases our knowledge and generates more ideas. It expands our thought process. When we travel what we take back with us is in new ideas, new perspectives, and new ways to deal with many things. By getting exposed to new places, culture, people you are actually gaining a real life experiences.



A lifetime memory

Travelling gives you a life time memory also. The pictures you click, the videos you make, the souvenirs you purchase all are memories. Whenever I feel low in my life I check my old travel pictures it really makes me happy and I get better. Once we grow these memories become very precious.



It’s not as expensive as we think it is

You read me right. If you plan your holiday in advance your travel can be quiet cheap. Book your flights and hotels in advance which actually curtail your expenses. If travelling abroad one can book tickets of the famous places in advance online which gives you lot of discounts rather than buying from there.



Time to take a break

Your body and mind will tell you it’s high time you should take a break from the routine. When the stress level gets very high, it gets reflected on your body and mind. So just leave everything and take a break. Listen to your body.

Makes you happy

Yes it will make you happy, no second thought. It gives you a break from your monotonous life. It releases a happiness hormone called Serotonin. This prevents you from depression and regulates your mood. Travelling is a secret to happiness.


Boosts your health

Travelling reduces stress which further boosts your health.  It makes us patient. Since you are away from the day to day stress, you can see situation around with more clarity. Therefore you start dealing with the challenges in a different manner.



Dealing with a break up or loads of work pressure or have lost a loved one reason can be anything. Sometimes escaping from the situation is the best solution. Because when we are away we can think sensibly. It heals you emotionally and physically as well. Sometimes distraction can work wonders.






By Poonam

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