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With the sudden change in our routine because of the lockdown there is an unnatural shift to work in isolation. The pandemic has turned our life upset down and work from home is a new adjustment we are dealing with every day.  In the initial days we were very excited and relaxed as we didn’t have to commute and sleep more but now with each day passing, work from has become difficult to deal with.

Finding the inspiration to be prolific, especially during this phase of unease and restlessness is tremendously tough. Luckily, human mind can adapt very well to a given scenario. To help you out, here are few practical advices which one can implement to have a meaningful work from home arrangement:

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1. Stick to a routine:

The biggest challenge of this lockdown period is getting up in the morning from the bed, as the mind is set that we don’t have to go to office therefore it gets very enticing to shut off your alarm and go back to sleep. This happens because mentally we know that, we still have a lot of time in hand before we open our laptop.

A morning ritual is very important to have a productive day ahead or else you will remain lethargic and sleepy. It is very essential to start your day as if you have to go to office. This even gives you a me time. I understand it sounds very lucrative to get those few additional hours of sleep but that’s going to have an adverse effect throughout the day. Start your day by making your bed and follow the rest of the routine. Going to bed and sleeping at the same time can help you maintain an amazing work life balance.

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2. Exercise:

I am someone who would put exercise in any and every blog as it has so many benefits one can’t neglect. Exercise discharges endorphins in the body that makes you feel good, gives you a sound sleep and also boosts your cardiovascular health. It improves your memory and focus. Amidst this pandemic we are working from home, maintaining social distance, cannot move out of our house, the physical activity has been drastically reduced.

We are confined to our couch either working or watching a series which can lead to weight gain and also makes us lazy during the day. It is important to inculcate this habit of exercising every day and you will feel a remarkable difference in your daily activities.

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3. Don’t skip the shower:

This is something I can’t even think of during extreme winters as well. Many people take it as a norm but it has a lot of other health related factors attached to it. Taking a shower every day is a very important for mental wellness. Shower improves the blood flow and circulation, which induces the oxygen level in the brain which makes your brain more alert during the day. Many people won’t deny the fact that morning shower has a positive impact on them and they felt fresh afterwards. This even relaxes the mind and boosts the energy level in the body.

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4. Get dressed:

Whenever someone say I work from home, the only things come in the mind is wearing a boxer or a pyjama and a shirt (sometimes bare chest) or in case there is a meeting a shirt along with the boxer. It is very tempting to remain comfortable all day long while working from home. But when your dress well it prepares your mind and make the mandatory mindset alteration and prepare you for a day ahead. When you are casually dressed, this will make you lie on your sofa or bed and the purpose of being productive at home defeats. If you are feeling lazy, the concentration level will reduce and you would feel sleepy throughout the day.

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5. One can’t avoid the distraction:

The sooner we accept this the better it is. The entire family is at home, so distractions are obvious be it doorbell ringing, tv, kids playing, deliveries, family member talking, so it will be there. You cannot force people to stay calm, it’s their house too. Some interruptions can be avoided but some are inevitable.

There are certain things which you can implement in your daily routine like closing the door while working or on an important video call, tell your kids before the start of the meeting to not to come to the room. Try and explain them in a friendly manner, if there is some urgent meeting you can tell your family to talk slowly for some time. Fighting or yelling on them is not a permanent solution.

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Guys, I can very well relate what you are going through as it has become very boring and unexciting with each day passing by. But we can’t avoid it so better we change our attitude towards the current circumstances.

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