Irrfan Khan – Why he will be deeply missed?

Irrfan Khan
Irrfan Khan

1.Irrfan Khan – A Multifaceted Actor

Irrfan Khan, a brand in itself was the most versatile actor in the history of Indian cinema. It is very unsettling, heart paining and despairing to address him in the past tense. Turn on the television and you will see the advertisement of his latest movie “Angrezi medium” on every channel. To every one’s surprise considering his aura and the kind of acting skill he has embraced, his latest AIB party song spoof video has stunned all his fans and his family as well.  He was not just loved by his fans but he was considered as the finest actor by film critics, film experts be it Bollywood or Hollywood.

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2. Irrfan Khan – Small screen to Big screen

Irrfan Khan (7 Jan 1967 – 29 Apr 2020) was born in Rajasthan in a Muslim royal family. In 1984, he earned a scholarship at National School of Drama, Delhi and later shifted to Mumbai and acted in plethora of TV series like Banegi Apni Baat, Chandrakanta, Bharat ek khoj, Chanakya and many more under his wings.

He had a face, the audience will get connected immediately. Theatre and Television Series kept him buoyant until one fine day Mira Nair offered him a small cameo in Salam Bombay. A silent superstar was born and post that cameo he didn’t leave any stone unturned to create a niche in the Hindi cinema. In the initial phase his selection of movies had been confusing, grubby and dark but he had no regrets. Irrfan Khan always believed in playing unconventional, unorthodox, experimental and offbeat characters in the movies.

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3. Irrfan Khan – Bollywood to Hollywood

Surviving in Bollywood is not a cake walk and the not so good looking actors were used as a prop. But actors like Irrfan Khan turned the table round and within a career span of 30 years he featured in more than 50 Bollywood movies and has received several awards such as national awards, film fare award and Padam Shri, the fourth highest civilian award of the nation. He though an Indian actor has done overwhelming work in British and American films. He will always be remembered for his supporting roles in Hollywood films like Life of a Pie, Jurassic world, the amazing spider man and inferno. He is also best known for his role in Maqbool, Piku, Madaaro, Hindi Medium, Paan Singh Tomar, life in a metro, the lunch box in Bollywood.

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4. Irrfan Khan – A Realistic

His closed one’s will always remember him as a down to earth, practical and a very organized person. Irrfan Khan believed in his decisions and had strong opinion about right or wrong. He had a great sense of humor and kept his private life away from the glory of the Hindi cinema. Irrfan Khan never skilled himself to walk on the mark of a predictable star – in terms of his physique and appearance. He only concentrated on polishing his acting skills, diction and his guy next door look, made all the difference. He is detailed, persistent and determined as far as his craft is concerned.  Irrfan Khan was always looking to establish a concrete groundwork; he was keen to work towards having a realistic approach than an idealistic one.

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