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dating app

Seeking for a relationship or looking for some dating app amidst this pandemic? Isn’t this sound phony? Not at all……

The pandemic has screwed every plan and itinerary big time… the marriages have been postponed, honeymoon plan got cancelled, the relationship got broke and single people are unable to find a date. If currently you are not dating anyone, the chances are you have come to terms with not seeing anyone until the situation goes back to normal. As doctors are warning against physical romance, that doesn’t imply we have to put our feelings on hold.

One can always pull up a chat with probable love interest in a social media dating app may seem to be the next best alternative. There is another side of the online dating app, which can make you feel a crushing because of numerous options available and one has to make decisions based on few pictures, one- liners or the gawkiness of sending messages to a complete stranger.

The utter number of apps, sometimes make swiping an overwhelming task. The online app has become ever more popular as people have plenty of time to look for casual dating, long term relationship or a rebound to overcome a breakup or a one-night stand. So, here are a few best dating apps of the unbelievable year 2020.


The dating app delineate it as, an app that’s “designed to be deleted”, its committed towards finding a relationship. The social media app emboldens better dates through a strong profile and matching procedure. The distinctive feature of this site is the profile prompts, which permits you to put across a personalized impression to your profile. An individual can begin by sending likes and comment on the pictures, if they reply you back, then it’s a match.

There are a number of preferences you can set or opt from such as politics, faith, smoke/drink preference and family plans if you are seriously looking for an affair. The app is for straight and similar-sex couple.

dating app
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Match is a very user friendly dating app. This app was formed to assist you in finding a precise match and has fairly detailed preference settings to write in and add to your profile to give probable matches even more info about you, which includes body type and height. The most unique part about this app is it allows to be very specific about the kind of partner you are looking for. For an instance, you can choose a personality trait and rate how much importance it holds. For example, I would prefer to be with someone who is not a smoker, but it is not a deal breaker.

The site also organizes events, so that you can meet the user offline as well, but in the current scenario it is not applicable due to coronavirus pandemic.

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Tinder is a free app, which initiated the culture for hookups, it solely provides single individuals access to the biggest puddle of singles. It is an online dating site which allows users to incognito swipe to like or dislike other person’s profile which contains their photos, a small one liner and shared interests. This implies that you have a concrete chance of finding a match with that someone special who excites your interest. Tinder is one of the top most downloaded dating app.

The process to register in the app is very simple, one just needs to sign up and fill the profile you’re ready to swipe. When both the individuals swipe right and become a match, anyone can start with the dialogue.

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In no time Bumble has risen steeply in popularity due to its three approaches: Date, BFF and Bizz. The three distinguishing aspects are unmatched with all other dating apps in the jam-packed online dating scenario. The best part about this app is the Women takes the charge, they message first, which set Bumble apart from all the online dating sites. One also gets only 24 hours to send a message, if you need a time extension for that one needs to boost the membership.

Women have especially been fond of this app as they can always slash down the uninvited messages they receive. Men like this app, because women have to make a move first so and this release a bit of pressure of beginning the first move.

dating app
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OK Cupid

OK Cupid has a custom made questionnaire, which an individual has to fill, to conclude what ratio you will match with the registered users and also what you would like your ultimate match to reply. The exceptional feature is the compatibility-driven emphasis which appeals to women. It may take a moment to make the profile, but if you want a real relationship it is worth the effort. It also offers 12 gender identities and 20 sexual orientations so that you can describe yourself, the way you want and connect with your preference.

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