Paragliding at Kullu– What to Wear & How to overcome your Paragliding Fear


I am an adventurous person (fatt ti bhi hai) and always open to new experiences. So, one thing I was longing to do was Paragliding and luckily I got to do it at Kullu – Dhobi. Thanks to my best friend who persuaded me to do it, as I felt we don’t have enough time and cash in hand (we had already spent a lot of money in other adventurous stuff).

We all went to Solang Valley to do Paragliding, which is located at a distance of 13 km’s from Manali and 53 Km’s from Kullu. We rented a bike (vrooooom mmmm) and reached Solang Valley. But, the place was swampy, crowded and it was expensive too. So, we decided to skip it and explore other places. I knew deep inside I will regret forever, if I won’t do Paragliding. But, thanks to my friend, he said, we are not leaving Kullu without doing Paragliding. Here, we were at Dhobi, Kullu booking my first Paragliding trip. I was so thrilled to view the panoramic view with my feet above the ground.

Dhobi – Kullu

Dhobi – Kullu has become famous of late and is the highest Paragliding place in Himachal. It has become the most favored destination for Paragliding. When your feet go above 8000 feet, the view is surreal. I was flying like a bird. Initially I was jittery and for 10 seconds when I was in the sky, it seemed unusual, as we are not use to flying since our feet is always glued to the ground. Everything looked so small. It was a fun-filled experience. So if you ever want to do Paragliding Dhobi is the best place.


How much you will have to take out from your pocket for Paragliding?

  • The cost was 2500 per person.
  • And if you want to make a video then you have to pay additional 500 bucks to the pilot.
  • If you are willing to add more adventure, you can tell your pilot, he will charge Rs.500 extra for adding more thrill like spinning in the sky.
  • Once you land on the ground, there will be a lot of photographers who have captured your landing from their DSLR. I will advise you to take those pics and do bargain.

What to wear when you are going for Paragliding?

This is something, which is usually ignored by the participants. It is one of the most essential aspect to dress up appropriately, to enjoy an enchanting paragliding trip.

  • Comfortable shoes (running or walking)
  • Sunscreen is a must
  • A hat (although they provide you helmet, but once you land a hat is a must due to direct sun on your head and skin)
  • Wear Light clothes
  • Full lower
  • Full upper
  • Wind sheet is important, if you have it with you wear it as while gliding you are continuously exposed to cold winds.
  • Don’t wear any loose clothes, as it can get stuck in any part of the glider, which can be risky.
  • Sun glasses
  • Gloves (optional)


What to do if you are fearful of doing Paragliding?

Fear is a dominant force that stops you from doing something you want to, but your fear stops you from doing it. Every individual has their own fear. See, I do get scared and nervous and my legs start shaking (which is very evident in few of my videos). But I know till the time there are safety gears, I am safe. Just tell yourself:

1.There are so many people doing it, will they endanger their life?

2. The pilots who take 6 to 8 trips every single day, will they risk their life?

3. The harnesses will keep you safe and sound.

4. Talk about your fear – ask the pilot what safety precautions they take. This will give you a better picture.

5. Keep telling yourself – I can do it, it’s just a fear which is not even real. It’s just your imagination.

6. The only way to overcome your fear is by doing it.

7. Visualize yourself that you are flying and landed back.

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Awesome experience

The mind is cunning, but you can work on it. See, everything is possible and there is nothing which you can’t do. It is very important for you to overcome your fear. I really had an experience of my lifetime. It was an unforgettable and the most memorable trip of my life. I thanked my friend infinite times for not listening to my crap and saying we are doing it and I won’t hear a single word.

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