Degree or Skills – What’s More Essential?

All our life, we have heard from our parents and elders, to score well in examination and have a good degree to excel in your career. The key to a good job and hefty salary package is a good degree. Without a good college degree, it will be difficult to get a decent job. Over a period of time it has become the most debatable topic, skills or degree, what is more important? The reality is, in today’s competitive environment job market isn’t’ dominated by mere qualification anymore, skills are important to succeed in the job.

Even without a degree, a person can climb the ladder of success with his abilities, skills and experience. So, why put a hefty amount upon an expensive degree and keep paying the students loan for the years coming ahead.

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The question still remains does a degree guarantees a good job?

A qualification is a base of your profession. Students are burdened with the huge debt as they have to pay the student loan. Although, a good degree is compulsory to make you eligible for an employment, but it is not the only thing, which makes you suitable for the job. An academic degree is a qualification, that the student applies for, to get the desired job. It makes a person self-reliant and confident. But, every person who has a good degree not necessary has the skills to get the job done. A qualification might help you get a job, but with your talent and skills you can grow further in life.

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Your skills take you ahead in life

Skills such as communication, negotiation, management, teamwork and adaptability, etc. are very important in everyday life. Employers prefer people who can handle a team or work under pressure. It is the skills, which helps you accomplish a goal and not the degree. Soft skills are very important to deal with the facts of the working atmosphere. Degree might give you a good package, but to stay in the job or excel in life soft skills are very important. One can attain skills through experience. Problem solving approach and people’s skill comes with time.

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What employers are looking for?

Degree has its own importance, but the employers are looking for a candidate, who can think out of the box. Job market is changing rapidly, therefore the candidate should be adaptable enough to decipher into invention. Critical thinking approach, conflict resolution and right attitude in the workplace are more essential than a degree. Employers identify the value of soft skills at the office. An employer’s look forward to hiring an employee who has real proficiency and on the job experience. The individuals experience and abilities are what matters the most.

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Skills are in Demand

Skills is a comprehensive scope, which is nurtured within the employee over a period of time. It cannot be assessed on the piece of paper. Skills and abilities give you recognition and respect in an organization. A person with people skills appeals to the employers, since they know how to get work done. The most successful entrepreneurs say, a person doesn’t need a degree to be on top or get rich”. Although, to achieve a degree, one needs to be sharp and hard working. There is no doubt it is an initial step in the hierarchy of abilities, but one cannot deny without skills you cannot grow further. The organizations now focus on the aptitudes and innate qualities of the individuals.

Rest is for you to decide whether you want to take an admission in a fancy college and burn your pocket or enhance your skills and progress in your career.

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