Falling sick often –  6 Essential Ways to Avoid Yourself Getting Sick     

Falling sick amidst this coronavirus wave is something which paranoids everyone. A viral infection, flu and cough, etc., is taking a toll on your health. Ask yourself? Are you constantly taking leave or rescheduling an appointment or missing meeting your friends or relatives often due to falling sick on a regular basis?

Although it is difficult to avoid viruses and bacteria, but there are certain basic measures you can take to avoid them such as washing your hand regularly, staying away from people while sneezing or coughing, wearing a mask whenever you go out and not touching your face, etc. Apart, from these there are few steps, that you can take to reduce the chance of falling sick often. These steps will also improve the quality of your life. Here are 6 tips, which you can follow to boost your overall health and will also prevent you from falling sick:

1.Take your daily dose of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important for the absorption of the calcium. By taking your daily dose of Vitamin D during winters, the gastrointestinal tract remains healthier. This will make you more resilient to viruses and inflammation all around the year and prevent you from falling sick often.

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2. Increase your protein intake

A diet rich in protein will keep your body fit throughout the year. A diet low in protein will weaken your immune system and reduce your stamina. Therefore, include eggs, fish, chicken, yogurt, etc. to your daily diet and remain healthy and hearty.

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3. Sleep well

Lack of sleep can affect your immunity. People who sleep less are more prone to falling sick. When we sleep, the immune system releases a protein known as Cytokines, which promotes sleep. Certain protective cytokines need to increase when a person suffers from an infection. But if you are deprived of sleep, this will decrease the production of cytokines. If the body is sleep deprived, there is a reduction in infection fighting antibodies.

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4. Drink enough water

Hydrating yourself during winters is very vital as it cleanses your system and removes harmful toxins. This also balances the fluid in the body and transport nutrients to the body cells. Drinking sufficient water and keeping yourself well hydrated will keep your skin smooth and moisturized.

5.Practice good hygiene

A good hygiene practice such as washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, avoiding touching your nose and mouth, brushing your teeth, cleaning your house, wearing fresh clothes every day and taking bath regularly etc. will protect you from bacteria and germs. It even includes using clean utensils for cooking your food. All this can prevent you from infections, stomach related issues and tooth decay, etc. Maintaining personal hygiene is a key to a good health.

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6. Exercising on regular basis

A regular exercise is very important for an overall well-being of your body and mental health. It boosts your immune system, makes your body strong, fights stress and and protect you from life threatening diseases such as heart problem, blood pressure  diabetes and obesity, etc.

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End of the Day

Viruses are present everywhere, but a bit of change in your lifestyle and daily routine will boost your immunity. A lot of your habits can be a reason behind you falling sick often like smoking, drinking, therefore, it’s time to get rid of them completely. If you or anyone in the family is suffering from fever, cold, cough and weakness, it is advisable to consult your doctor immediately before it gets too late. During, this pandemic it is very essential to keep your safe and protected.

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