Life without Internet

live without internet

These 3 words are sufficient enough to give us a heart attack. These days’ people can live without food, water, air but can’t live without internet. This scenario itself seems horrendous. But 90’s generation and people before that were a part of this unimaginable situation when internet wasn’t born yet. Those were the days when the only source of entertainment was Doordarshan, Chitrahar, Mahabharat, Ramayan (there would be pin drop silence on the roads if these serials were played), movies on weekends and playing outdoors. The internet came into existence in 1989 with www i.e. World Wide Web and now today it is the lifeline of most of the businesses. Does life without internet exist?

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But it is quite fascinating to know how our life would be without internet:

1.There would be no email only postal services

You will have to wait for days and days sometimes months to get a mail deliver (daakiya daak laya)

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2. No whatsapp, messenger, telegram to send instant messages

One has to rely on phone call for the same and pay heavy bills, with internet communication is free.

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3. Connecting people was difficult without internet

One has to depend on trunk calls for connecting with people outstation. Video call facility was way beyond imagination.

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4. People were more connected to each other

rather wasting their time on Facebook, Instagram and interact with who really don’t matter. Children get panic if they are not able to log on to their Facebook account or snapchat malfunctions.

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5. The life today is social networking life rather real social lives which use to be before.

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6. There was no online shopping website

People had to go themselves to buy stuff for themselves. Irrespective of the weather conditions they had no choice. Online shopping is quite popular in today’s scenario.

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7. People use to queue at banks for even a smallest of thing

It was very time consuming and taxing unlike today. ATM’s would vanish.

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8. Stock market didn’t flourish much when there was no internet.

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9. Google maps were not there

Can you even visualize it? Depending upon people (who might not even know the route) heavily to find a way to reach your location.

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10. Booking train, bus, airplane ticket was a task.

You will have to go physically and book them. There was no Smartphone with signal coverage.

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11. Families use to sit together and watch TV together, now everyone is busy on their phones and don’t even care about each other.

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12. Newspaper was the only source for getting the latest news as twitter or numerous news channels on YouTube didn’t exist.

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13. People had to put more efforts in gathering information related to examinations or education related information.

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14. Life was radiation free.

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15. Photos hold more importance but these days number of likes on facebook, instagram matters the most.

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16. Reading a book killed boredom.

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17. People would get spectacles later in the life but now small kids are wearing glasses due to constant gazing at phone

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18. Mothers use to keep their infants busy while playing with them or handing over toys.

These days small infants are shown videos on you tube to keep them entertained so that they don’t cry.

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19. Finding a job was tad difficult as limited vacancies and job would only appear in newspaper once a week.

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20. People were more connected irrespective of the distance between them.

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21. Sharing and gathering information was not an easy task.

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Internet has added value to our life but when something is available so freely we tend to misuse it. Limit your use of internet and spend time with your family.

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