Resolution 2021 – How to stick to them this year?


Most of us start our new year with a resolution. But 75% of the resolution people make on 1st of January are already vanished by the middle of February. If you are really serious about sticking  to your New Year’s Resolution and enhance your chance of not going off the track. Following points will help you out:

1.Don’t expect change overnight:

There is a saying, “Rome was not built in a day”. So when it comes to losing weight why we expect overnight result. I know a lot of people who deviate from their New Year resolution if they don’t see any change soon. They also start giving lame excuses to themselves that it is not working out, I am not seeing any change on myself. Give yourself sometime and stick to your plans for sometime rather losing patience because of your restless approach. Our bodies also need some time to adjust and adapt to a new routine.

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2. Gradually bring changes in your routine:

If you try to bring too many changes at one time, you will end up with nothing in hand. Let say, if you want to start with jogging, don’t expect to jog 5 km’s on the very first day. Start with 1 km and slowly increase the time. Focus on progress, no matter how insignificant it seems. Don’t set yourself up for a blunder. Unrealistic goals can create a lot of stress on your mind. Change always starts in small ways.

3. Stick to your goals:

Once you decide that you have to go to gym 5 times a week. No matter what happens you have to stick to your words. This will also make you discipline and you won’t lose focus. Every day you should be on the path to accomplishing your goals. Always keep a long term plan in your mind. It is very lucrative to sleep more in the morning or go to a bar in the evening and have drinks but when the mind is fixed towards achievement of your set targets nothing really matters.

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4. Have a substitute ready:

There has to be an alternative for everything. Let’s say you had to go for an office lunch and can’t avoid eating, make sure your dinner has to be light. You can also try and compensate, if you feel you were drifted from your goal. The day you couldn’t go to a gym, walk and take stairs everywhere. This won’t make you guilty or burdened for not following a routine.

5. Ask yourself why you want to do it:

A resolution holds a lot of meaning deep down your heart. The reason to follow your fitness resolution has to be crystal clear in your mind. Be it lowering your cholesterol, losing weight, building muscles, there can be end of reasons to make a resolution. There also should be some emotional reason attached to your resolution which won’t let you sleep.

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6. Reward yourself:

We all are crazy for rewards. It is always advisable to award yourself for achieving your goals. Reward doesn’t have to be expensive always, treating you with an ice-cream for going to the gym for 15 days without a break or gifting yourself a nice dress. See, you have been working hard getting up early, managing your workout along with your job therefore you deserve a treat. When we adapt new routine it can be taxing, rewards plan an important role.

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