Indian Flag Runners – An Attempt to Make a World Record During Pandemic

Indian Flag Runners

On your marks – Get Set – Go. Do you remember these lines? When we were still in school, our sports period would commence with these 6 words followed by other games. Who knew then that, running will upsurge as a sport in India. Recently, it has found many takers in the nation and the craze for running has gone to another level. The numerous running events happening all across the globe, has infected India as well. Thanks to social media who has played a vital role in promoting running in the country and encouraging every Netizen to get hooked on to some or the other event organized throughout the year. 

People have taken this sport very seriously in the last couple of years considering the various health benefits attached to it. The rise of awareness about fitness, mental wellness and healthy lifestyle, there is a massive pull in attracting a versatile crowd of different age group or have individual targets to achieve as far as health is concerned.


Indian Flag Runners

It is a sport where everyone is a champion, whosoever finishes the race, as a participant run against their own timings and wants to make a new personal record. With the plethora of events happening around, it has a become a mode to raise funds, help people in need and a great initiative to promote health and running. In India, a similar but one in million event is happening virtually considering the pandemic in mind on 22nd November 2020.

The event will welcome runners across the nation to run virtually from their respective places and set a world record. It will be an experience where Ultra Incredible and Legendary Runners from India will run 100 Kilometer with National Flags of India. We Will Create the History.

As we all know 2020 has been the most challenging year of our entire life.

None of us could anticipate that a virus will take our normal lives away and will keep us confined to our home for months which was indeed stressful and energy annihilating. But the situation turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it has shed light over many areas of life which were unexplored and beyond our imagination which includes running sports events globally. Our athletes have also turned this problem into an opportunity by opening arms for virtual races. “As the events have turned virtual, athletes have come local”

“A Virtual Race is a race where an individual can run anywhere they want, at their own pace, on a treadmill or outdoors, alone or in a group. There is no set pattern. Once can also select from a range of virtual race themes and distances”

Indian Flag Runners

Indian Flag Runners

One such running event is happening virtually and locally on 22 Nov 2020, Sunday where chosen athletes shall be attempting 100 kms running within 24 hrs. cut-off time. It is a unanimous attempt to set a record in ‘International Book of Records’ for World record of Excellence with Indian National Flag. The entire data shall be monitored by GPS, route maps will be shared and recorded. While we will be keeping ourselves up on local tracks being marshalled; our support teams, families and friends shall be boosting us up with Runners High to keep the atmosphere spirited, lively and peaked for 24hrs along with professional event standard photography, cinematography essentials, editing and production team.

“We request for your generous contribution towards the cause of FIT India, health and happiness, where the accumulated fund shall be utilized to heed of athletes and support wings for the entire 24 hrs. This message is from the Event Organizers”

“We wholeheartedly thank you all for being the support system always and would take an immense pleasure in inviting every one of you to come and experience the real mass Sports-Runners High at the location to be updated soon. Here is the link for registration”

Indian Flag Runners



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