Gond Katira or Tragacanth Gum – 12 Essential Health Benefits

gond katira

Gond Katira (If you haven’t heard of this name, ask your mother or grandma) has a chilling effect as it cools off the heat generated in the body. It is a natural hard gum in yellow or light color acquired from the dried extract of the few variety of Middle Eastern Legumes of the herb Astragalus. Gond Katira is sticky, fragrance-free, water-soluble and tasteless. It gets soft after soaking in the water and once absorbed it comes out in the form of gel. It is also referred to as shiraz or gum dragon.

gond katira
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Gond Katira is often used in Ayurveda due to its medicinal value, especially for its digestive and cooling effects. It soothes the heat element in the body during summers. Let us learn more about this hidden gum and see how it benefits us:

1.Provides Energy:

In case you feel lethargic or feebleness without any exertion or physical activity, consume gond katira on regular basis. Gond laddu is the best energy source for kids and adult. One can also drink it along with milk and sugar or rooh afza with milk in the morning and remain fresh the entire day.

gond katira
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2. Prevents Heatstroke:

It has superb cooling properties which can prevent heat stroke during summers and keeps your body temperature low. In extreme summers, children often complaint about nose bleeding, therefore gond katira can be very beneficial in controlling the nose from the blood.

3. Aids in constipation:

If you are suffering from constipation frequently, then take gond katira daily as it initiates the emptying of bowel movement. It acts as a laxative and relieves constipation.

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4. Beneficial for pregnant women:

Post pregnancy a woman needs a lot of strength as the body becomes very week during the pregnancy. Gond Katira laddu is very good for mother and the baby health as it is rich in protein and calcium. It is also very beneficial during pregnancy due its nourishing properties.

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5. Reduces burning sensation in hand and feet:

A lot of people feel a burning sensation in their hand and feet. In this scenario, soaked (overnight) gond katira can be consumed with milk or water in the morning.

gond katira
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6. Treats mouth ulcer:

In case of ulcer, make a paste of gond katira and apply it on the affected area, you will be relieved instantly. It also reduces redness and pain triggered by an ulcer.

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7. Good for lactating mother:

Gond laddu is a wonder source for inducing the production of breast milk.

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8. Involuntary urination:

It is suggested for urinary incontinence or in simple words leakage of urine, especially due to diabetes or pregnancy. Gond Katira helps in relaxing the urinary muscles in case of soreness of the urinary tract and obstruction of urine.

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9. Good for the skin:

It has an amazing effect on your skin and enhances your glow. Gond Katira has anti-aging properties which reduces fine lines and wrinkle. One can use it in the form of face mask. Take soaked gond katira mix it with 2 teaspoons of almond powder, 3 teaspoons of milk and 1 egg white, now make a paste out of it and apply it on your face for 15 minutes. Rinse it with water properly and see the change, your skin will appear fresh and glowing.

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10. Improves Libido in men:

A regular use of gond katira or tragacanth gum can boost robustness in males, in case they are suffering from an early discharge or night discharge.

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11. Controls pain:

Gond katira can be consumed for pain control as it works on certain receptors in the nervous system for decreasing pain responsiveness.

gond katira
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12. Reduces weight:

Gond Katira is an excellent source for kick starting the metabolic rate of the body. It reduces the hunger pang as it is rich in fiber.

gond katira
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