Uttar Pradesh Government Imposes Weekend Lockdown

Uttar Pradesh

With the upsurge in Covid 19 cases across Uttar Pradesh, the government has enforced an uncompromising lockdown in the state from Friday 10 pm (July 10) to Monday 5 am (July 13)

Uttar Pradesh
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The 55-hour lockdown during the weekend was imposed to control the spreading of the pandemic, as announced by the Chief Secretary of state R K Tiwari. The Yogi Adityanath government made an official declaration, stating that only indispensable services will be permissible and rest, all private and government services, mall, commercial establishments and restaurants will remain closed during this lockdown period until further instructions. However, Indian railways will continue to remain functional, but public transport and buses will be off the streets. The commuters will be allowed to use special buses to get back to their base or home.

The domestic and international flights will be operated during this phase. Individuals who are related to healthcare services, doorstep delivery, corona soldiers will be permitted to travel during this period. Another exemption will be factories in rural parts; they will be allowed to run. Construction of highways, expressways and roads will also continue. Prior to this, Yogi government-led state declared a three-day special sanitation campaign to control the spread of coronavirus contamination and other contagious ailments in the state, the campaign will be planned on July 10, 11 and 12 in rural and urban areas.

Uttar Pradesh
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The Yogi Adityanath government is going for a comprehensive lockdown since the Centre government elevated the restraints in May. Previously, the state had forced additional constraints in containment zones, and wrapped borders with Delhi at Ghaziabad and Noida. Uttar Pradesh had registered 30,000 cases of Covid 19, out of which 20,000 patients have recuperated, 845 patients have deceased. During the last week, there was a meeting with the Chief Ministers of Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to evaluate the coronavirus condition, in which the Union Minister Amit Shah had asked Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to put emphasis on testing, as Uttar Pradesh has one of the bottom rates of testing. Here is the list of what’s operational and what’s not:

During these 3 days, all offices and shops in rural and urban areas will remain shut along with grain markets and other commercial formations will have to keep their shades down.

1. All necessary services like health and medical services, doorstep delivery personnel, cleanliness workers will be operative like before.

2. There won’t be any movement of the road transport.

3. No change in air services – international and domestic travel will remain status quo. Passengers will be allowed to move to their destination from the airport.

4. The Uttar Pradesh Road Transport Corporation will run buses for air and train commuters, but apart from this UP Roadways buses will not be functional.

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5. There will be no restraint on the movement of goods carrier vehicles.

6. Petrol pumps will be operational.

7. Manufacturing establishments in rural regions will continue to open, but other divisions in the urban area will not be permitted to open.

8. Work in progress like roads, highways, expressways, bridges and other private projects will continue unobstructed.

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9. Highways – national and state will be open, even dhabas besides the highways will run.

10. The continuing crusade of medical screening and scrutiny will also continue amidst this phase

11. Workplaces associated to crucial amenities will remain open and the ID cards of the employees of these offices will be considered as their lawful duty permits.

12. People involved in the sanitation campaign and supply of potable water on July 10 to 12 led by the state government shall remain exempt from these restrictions on the basis of their ID cards.

In the meantime, Uttar Pradesh declared 1200 new cases of Coronavirus and 17 more deaths on Thursday.

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