Bursting Hand Sanitizer Myths

Bursting Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizers has topped the shopping list chart of every house hold, courtesy Covid-19 (Corona Virus). A sanitizer plays a pivotal role in keeping us healthy and away from germs. A good hygiene practice prevents you from sickness and keeps you clean. And a hand sanitizer is an alternative to washing hands using soap and water, in case they are not available.

A hand sanitizer prevents us from contagious disease; it kills the bacteria, virus and invisible germs. But every good thing comes with a lot of misconceptions; here are some common myths and facts about hand sanitizers.

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Hand sanitizer causes Antibiotic Resistance

Myth: It is a most predictable myth that hand sanitizer cause antibiotic resistance. The alcohol based hand sanitizer eliminates a broad spectrum of bacteria and evaporates so there is no chance for germs to become impenetrable.

Hand sanitizer with above 60% alcohol is effective

Truth: The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC suggests sanitizer with alcohol absorption between 60 to 95% is more efficacious in killing germs than those with a low level of alcohol absorption or non alcohol based hand sanitizer. A product which has less than 60% alcohol may only diminish the germs but won’t kill them.

Hand sanitizer needs to be rubbed all over your hand

Truth: Put a small portion of hand sanitizer and cover all the surfaces of your hand like between the fingers, under the nails, wrist and back of your hand. Germs are everywhere, so apply the sanitizer copiously.

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All germs are same

Myth: There are two kinds of germs resident and transient. The resident microorganisms are normal occupants on the skin and are always present on/in a person where as the transient germs are obtained after touching an object or a surface in your environment and can be transferred inside your body.

Hand sanitizer is as good as washing hands with soap and water

Myth: An alcohol based hand sanitizer cannot replace washing hands with soap and water. But it doesn’t kill all the germs, washing hands with soap and water is more effective as it eliminates all the bacteria, virus and germs. Alcohol based sanitizers are helpful when you are travelling as it is portable and convenient to use.

Are hand sanitizers really useful?

Myth: Hand sanitizers are not effective when there is visible dirt on the hand or if hands are greasy. They should be applied in case soap and water is not available.

Alcohol based sanitizer can be very effective at the time when the country is going through a global pandemic i.e. Covid 19 – Corona Virus and it also minimizes the risk of spreading it to others.
Bursting Hand Sanitizer
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