Hand Sanitizer – Uses, Benefits and Limitations

Hand Sanitizer

During a global pandemic crisis, the only way to protect you from Corona Virus – Covid 19 is washing your hands or applying a hand sanitizer frequently as the virus spreads through hands from one person to another. People are taking extra care to protect themselves from the outbreak which is contagious and has been causing a havoc in the entire world.

Hand hygiene is the most important hygiene practice and a hand sanitize plays a crucial role in keeping our hands clean. Hand sanitizer could be a gel or liquid accustomed to eradicate the germs. Although it won’t completely eliminate all sorts of germs but will reduce the microorganism on hands. CDC proposes washing hand with soap and water is more productive in killing the microbes, but in case they are not available, a hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol can be used instead. It can dry your skin; such a large amount of brands do add some moisturizer to reduce the skin dryness and rash.

Corona Hand Sanitizer
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How to use it?

  • Place a small amount, the size of your thumbnail to one of the palm

  • Rub your hands together, covering in between our fingers, under your nails, back of your hand and wrist

  • Rub until it is absorbed in the skin

Corona Hand Sanitizer
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When to use it?

  • Use a hand sanitizer whenever soap and water is not in your vicinity

  • In the shops, hospitals, cinema hall and places where one come into contact with germs, although visible dirt or grease is not there. It’s a quick fix solution.

Benefits of Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand sanitizers are lightweight, easy to carry and convenient to use

  • Kills germ rapidly

  • Hands can be cleaned in no time

  • They are user friendly and cost effective

  • A great source for staying healthy and clean

  • Easily accessible near sink

  • Can even ameliorate the condition of the skin

Hand Sanitizer
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Limitations of Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand sanitizers cannot be a replacement of soap and water

  • If there is any blood or visible dirt or grease soap it must be washed first with soap and water and then only sanitizer can be applied

  • If the alcohol content in the sanitizer is less than 60%, it won’t be effective

  • Don’t use it around gas, stoves

  • You are exposed to chemicals

  • Make sure the kids stay away from it as swallowing of the sanitizer could be poisonous and harmful

Hand Sanitizer
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A hand sanitizer can exterminate germs, bacteria and virus. There is a research which states that a hand sanitizer restrains the dissemination of communicable diseases like flu, cold, cough and other bacterial based diseases. A sanitizer stays for about 6 hours.

How does it work?

A hand sanitizer works on the occurrence of friction. An alcohol based sanitizer comprises of 60% alcohol which has a very little boiling point. Therefore, when we rub it on our palm, in between our fingers, heat is caused due to friction. The heat vaporizes alcohol and other molecules, which takes bacteria microbes with them.

In the end, our safety is in our hand

Stay safe

Stay protected



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