How to Prevent yourself from Corona Virus


I spoke about Corona virus Symptoms in my previous blog. Kindly go through the below mentioned link if you haven’t read it.

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At present there is no drug available to avert Covid 19 – Corona Virus Disease 2019. The epidemic disease which came into existence from China is spreading like fire in the jungle. The respiratory disease has spread worldwide. The virus spreads through respiratory droplets, whenever anyone coughs or sneezes in your vicinity, high chances you may catch the virus too. Health organizations like WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Centre for Disease and Control) have suggested few measures to help preclude the outspread of respiratory ailment. The idea is to stick to the foundations:

There is no particular antiviral treatment for COVID 19. Following a basic respiratory hygiene is mandatory. If you suffer from fever, cough and breathing related issues consult a doctor immediately and don’t forget to share your preceding travel details with your doctor.


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