6 Ways to Build your Immune System during the Corona Virus Outbreak:

Immune System

The corona virus outbreak has shaken every single soul on this planet earth. There’s aphorism prevention is better than cure hence it’s very essential to guard our self from the pandemic Covid 19 – Corona Virus. Therefore building your immune system is the first step. A healthy immune system prevents your body from foreign substances, bodies and fights against diseases. It has a very important role to play in anatomy. Without it, the body gets prone to falling sick often which deteriorates our health gradually.

With Corona Virus outburst, taking care of your immune system should be the utmost priority because it is more vulnerable to people with underlying health conditions and old age. It is the perfect time to inculcate few key modifications in your diet to keep yourself healthy and hearty:

Sleep Well

When we don’t sleep enough, the stress level within the body increases and our immune system goes for a toss. Sleeping reinforces your body’s immune reaction. A decent sleep is pivotal for physical and mental well-being. If the body has not rested well, it becomes susceptible to various kinds of bacteria’s, virus and germs.


Immune System
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Exercise helps in building overall fitness, which further boosts your immune system. But over exercising can have its disadvantages in addition but within the nut shell a regular workout flushes out the toxins from the lungs and airways. A light-weight or moderate exercise boosts your immune system and helps the body combats virus and infection.


Reduce Stress

Stress encompasses a significant effect on your immune system. When an individual is undergoing stress, the body gets receptive to illness and diseases. There is an aphorism, mind over matter, which is extremely true in a given scenario where stress over powers our mind and degenerates our immune system. It triggers the chemical reaction in the body which further releases cortisol referred to as stress hormones. It reduces the white blood cells and also induces the inflammation within the body.

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Wash hands frequently

With Corona Virus spreading all over the world, preventing you is the key to stay safe. Washing hands frequently wards off germs collected on your hand and also whenever you touch an object or a surface.

Immune System
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If you touch the infected surface and don’t wash hands after, from hands the infection will transmit through your mouth, eyes and nose inside your body and attack your immune system. Wash your hands with soap and water rigorously or apply a hand sanitizer as and when you come in contact with people or touch any object. Follow good hand hygiene.

Immune System

Quit Smoking

Smoking damages the immune system and also the body is unable to fight the infection. It also has extreme effects on the body like cancer, heart and lung diseases. Smoking disturbs the blood circulation, increases the probabilities of brain stroke and also the most common issue bad breath. During this phase when Corona virus has got viral and has infected various part of the world, it is essential to safeguard your body from cold, cough, sneezing and any other contagious infection. So avoid or quit smoking to protect yourself from the pandemic Covid 19.

Reduce your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol distorts the gut fencing which lets more microbes to enter into the blood which may cause liver damage. If you drink every day, the body catches cold and cough frequently or other infection because alcohol lowers the immune system. When an excessive amount of alcohol accumulates within the system it wrecks the cells within the body and damages other organs.

Immune System

Guys, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It is a time when we all should collectively take measures to remain healthy and hearty and fight this disease called Covid 19 – Corona virus.



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