3 Ways To Keep Your Mental Balance During Lock Down

3 Ways To Help Maintain Brain Health During Lock down

The current circumstances and the spread of the pandemic have taken a toll on people and the entire world (lock down).
A few months ago the first case came out in the public and now everyone is waiting for this time to pass and waiting for the last case to be treated. We, as a society, are restless and scuffling with the ambush of the prevalent virus. It is not just a respiratory disease but is distressing every element of humanity.

The effect has turned the life upside down, making us crazy, disturbed our finances, physically tiring. In this time of commotion, our mind is floated with uncertainty and day by day we are losing hope and patience. The isolation, restricted movement, and social distancing are mentally and physically challenging, whether we like or not our mind is getting affected because of the lock down.

  • People are distraught because of:
  • Lack of financial security
  • Social abandonment and seclusion
  • Fear the health of our loved ones
  • Apprehension over catching the pandemic
  • A survival approach
  • A feeling of despair and a lack of control on the situation
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How To Keep Your Mental Balance?


The foremost important thing is to accept the situation. Human beings are keener into observing others’ life and whatever situation arises they have a firm belief that “it won’t happen to me”. The lock down is unprecedented and way beyond our imagination. We are so fixed in our routine therefore the sudden changes have hit us hard mentally.

If you are feeling restless and perturbed, it is very normal. It is still hard to believe that we are trapped at home for a certain period of time due to the pandemic. The upending of life has triggered a lot of negative emotions. But being stuck is going to make the situation worse. The first thing is to accept the circumstance and create a new routine and involve yourself in activities you have missed all your life due to work pressure. The feeling of learning something new and accepting the situation will give you an opportunity to see the positive side of the current scenario.


Being at home 24 by 7 can fill our minds with a lot of negative thoughts. Our mind is like a jogging track and our thoughts keep jogging throughout the day without resting. Though we have no control over what we think with constant monitoring we can inculcate a habit of replacing negative ones with some productive ones. An exaggerated, far-fetched thought makes our mind out of control.

This is the phase when we have an ample amount of time in our hands and rather than focusing on the situation going out of control or unwanted thoughts we need to shift our mind to the positive sides of your life. A positive thought ensures mental well being and better sleep. This is not the time to dwell on the past, what’s gone is gone, what next? Optimism doesn’t come naturally, it is up to you where you want to focus and how you can re-frame your mind by focusing on the brighter side.

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Feeling sad, hopeless and angry is again very natural during this unnatural phase of lock down and the spread of the pandemic. We feel stuck inside the 4 walls with loss of normality and unexpected turmoil imposed on the society. The moment of anguish and wanting to return to your daily routine should be considered as normal and shouldn’t be perceived as a sign of hopelessness.

Being despair is a very negative feeling and can make us depressed to the core. Remember one this phase shall pass too. Therefore just look at every emotion and let them pass without any conclusion or disgrace. We are all going through an extremely difficult phase, an unnatural routine, social distancing, and your feelings are reasonable and normal. Allow yourself to relax and there is always a light on the end of the subway.

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End of the day building mental strength is an ongoing process. There is always space for enhancement and development. There will be a phase you may feel drowned like the current scenario but how you deal with it makes a difference.

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