6 Simple Exercise You Can Do During Lock Down

Lock down | 6 Exercise You Can Do At Home To Stay In Good

If you’re following memes world, a lot of jokes have been floated related to weight gain and lock down. But what appears as a joke is quite a matter of concern for those who are completely under lock down and is finding it hard to follow a routine of regular exercise. Some of you might have started noticing a change in your body size and protruding belly. With boredom around food remains the only factor that deviates your time for a while during these stressful times. Gaining a couple of extra kilos during this pandemic is common. Gyms are closed, proximity to refrigerator and remote in the hand are the factors responsible for the bulge in the stomach.

But can we really blame the lock down for binge eating or not exercising?
Isn’t it all about mindset?

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Just because the gyms are shut, doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise, it’s actually a lame excuse and it is like putting blame on the circumstance for that big ass and flabby arms. If you can use the internet for all relevant or irrelevant (I hope you got my point) activities, you can very well use it for an online workout routine. Youtube is full of exercise videos which only needs a little space for you to move your leg. Here are a few exercises which you can do at home without any equipment:

1. Jogging on the spot: When lock down at home, jogging on the spot is the simplest form of exercise, although it doesn’t burn as calorie as running outdoor burns. But that doesn’t mean you won’t burn any calories, in fact, it is easier than jogging on the treadmill or outdoors. If done with intensity and passion it gets your heart pumping faster and you burn a good amount of calories. Therefore, get up and turn the music on, wear your shoes and start jogging on the spot and the faster you jog the more fit you will become. Don’t forget to engage your arms and get rid of the flab.


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2. Skipping: This exercise reminds us of our childhood, but lesser we knew that during the time of crisis it will be an essential form of exercise for us to maintain our fitness. It is amongst the best exercises one can do to lose weight and tones your entire body. Skipping is the best cardiovascular exercise, which contributes to a healthy heart and helps in attaining balance and agility. Your body may take to adjust with the new routine and may give a bit of muscle ache the next day, the reason is those muscles have been immobile for a longer period of time.


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3. Climbing Stairs: If you are lucky to have stairs at home or at your building then you might be a fool not to use this time to get the best out of the most amazing form of cardiovascular exercise. Climbing stairs burns a lot of exercises and strengthens your legs muscles. It is not going to make you lose weight overnight but gradually you will start noticing the change in your body shape. Stairs climbing reduces the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. It doesn’t require any special skill or training for the same but gradually has become the most popular form of exercise.


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4. Plank: Plank is the most beneficial exercise which engages a lot of muscles. It is a simple exercise but holding a plank position is not easy and one needs to take care of the posture so that it doesn’t give pain in your back. It is an effective core strengthening exercise that builds your abs muscles and also works on your shoulders and arms. Make sure that your body is in a straight line with core muscles engages and stay in that position for as long as you can. It is a body weight exercise and can be done with a lot of variations.


5. Squats: A wonderful exercise that helps to build your leg muscles and improves muscle mass. It is the perfect exercise for the whole body. Squats help you remain in shape and burns calorie fast. Squats can be done with or without weight. It also stabilizes your core, works on your lower back and butt as well. You must have heard this song “Hips don’t lie”, I bet you start doing this wonderful exercise and see the change in your body especially those firm butts. Squats also improve your flexibility by enhancing your tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Make sure the posture is correct to get the maximum benefit from the simplest exercise.


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6. Jumping Jack: It is an amazing full-body workout that you can do at any place in your house. It is considered a very effective cardiovascular exercise that works on the entire body and also helps you in reducing belly fat. It is an aerobic cardiovascular exercise, which uses oxygen to stimulate the heart rate and induces your breathing to sustain the exercise routine. Jumping jack improves the overall health of the body, helps in weight loss and improves flexibility. When it comes to coordination of your limbs and brains it is the perfect exercise.


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I always believe “where there is a way there is a will”. A lock down shouldn’t be used as an exercise for that weight gain. But don’t forget to warm up and cool down before and after your workout. This will prevent your body from getting injured. So, without wasting further time, wake up and smell the coffee. Start with your exercise routine today.

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