Electricity Bill – 12 Ways to Save it

electricity bill

The unprecedented lockdown has been the toughest phase for most of us. The fear of the pandemic coronavirus forced us to remain at home, which in turn has led to spike in our electricity bill due to heavy usage. During the lockdown period, around 130 crore people were confined to their home and the outcome is increased usage of AC’s, laptop, lights, coolers, TV and washing machine etc. This has resulted in a spike in the electricity bill for the common man during the lockdown period. People are stressed and struggling to pay their monthly bill considering the unexpected restrictions due to a reduction in the pay, expenses on health and loss of job.

Electricity bill
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Electricity bill is making us crazy

There is a huge reduction in salaries, businesses have shut down and rise in unemployment, the impact on the household’s income has been sudden and severe. Therefore, the electricity bill is making us crazy. But, living in self-quarantine has also made us realize how much electricity we have wasted in the past on lights, AC’s etc., when there was no money crunch. Therefore, in order to save the electricity bills, there are a few simple measure which can be made at home. Some practices can be followed on a daily basis by cutting the consumption and saving a little bit of energy. Here are easy ways to save electricity at home:

1.Turn off all the equipment’s at home when not in use

On many occasions, we leave the equipment’s plugged to the power socket, this pulls in electricity even when the equipment is not in use.

electricity bill
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2. Run Washing Machine or Dishwasher with full capacity

If you use your washing machine of dishwasher with minimum load, this will increase the frequency of usage and will consume more electricity. Buy a front loading washing machine which is cost effective and uses less water.

electricity bill
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3. Use LED bulbs

They use at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting. They also last longer and provide a natural look to your house.

electricity bill
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4. Switch off the lights when not in use

A common feature in every household, leaving the fan and light on, even when no one is in the room. This is a mere carelessness which results in wastage of electricity.

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5. Maintain sufficient temperature in the fridge

For efficiency and durability of your fridge, it is vital to maintain the optimal temperature. This also reduces the energy consumed.

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6. Close the water tap

Do not keep the taps flowing when not in use. One needs to be sensible enough not to waste water. Therefore, be careful while brushing your teeth, taking a shower or cleaning utensil to sparingly use the water tap, as this can increase the consumption of electricity in keeping the water warm.

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7. Close the lid when cooking

The easiest solution of preserving electricity is covering the lid of the pot every time you cook food.

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8. Use pressure cooker as and when possible

This reduces the energy consumption as it cooks the food faster.

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9. Chuck off obsolete appliances

If there is a constant hike in your monthly electricity bills, it is better to consider buying a new appliance with a high efficiency rating. The cost will get incurred in the long run, with the saving on your energy bill.

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10.Keep the door of your fridge close

Don’t unnecessarily open the door of your refrigerator and while closing it ensure that the seal is intact. Don’t put hot food instantly, let them cool down and then put it inside. It is also essential to defrost the fridge on a regular basis, as built up of ice increases the running costs by reducing the operating efficiency.

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11. Use light colors while painting the wall

Dark color absorbs light, which makes it necessary for you to use more energy from tubelight to get the same effect.

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12. Open the windows than using the extract fan

Plenty of fresh air is always welcome and it also stops condensation. It is basically a zero electricity consumption formula.

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