Running – 4 Essential Reasons Why it is Good for Health?


Running was never so popular, as it is now. There was a time, when only few people would run to remain fit, but today at least one person in every house runs to stay in shape. Running is nearly tantamount with exercise and considered as the most prevalent form of workout in today’s scenario. A peak of proofs suggests it is vital for an ailment free life.

Running is a likeable and an alluring exercise as it’s cheap and one can run as per their convenience. It not only enthralls but, there are a lot other benefits attached to it such as it helps in losing weight, delay diabetes, makes you look young and many more. It has all the advantages which a pill can provide you, so chuck of the later one.


Running is also associated with improving your well-being and no wonder, experts are partial towards this wonderful aerobic activity. If you are dealing with depression or any kind of stress, try this fun activity, this will not only boost your mood, but will heal you from within which is very vital. People now choose to participate in marathons, triathlons and other athletics races not just to keep themselves healthy, but to take their fitness to another level.

Any kind of frequent moderate or dynamic aerobic activity is essential to keep your heart healthy. Amongst all forms of workout running is the best seller. So wear your shoes, kick your butt and get ready for an amazing run. But, if you are one of those lazy bums, who keep procrastinating their health, here are 4 important reasons (apart from weight loss which is the foremost reason for a person to workout) to get your lethargic body out of the bed and take the maximum health benefits:

1. Keeps your Heart Healthy

Running is the king of exercises. It strengthens all your muscle groups, but particularly your heart. It reduces the bad cholesterol in the blood while the HDL (good) cholesterol rises. People who exercise regularly has slow resting pulse rate and maximum oxygen consumption. As per a study, people who don’t run have high chances of dying from heart disease than people who runs frequently. Runners who train frequently has Athlete’s heart, which allows them to perform better in physical activities, as they have bigger, dense left ventricles and have an efficient heart than those who have inactive lifestyle.

The more you run, your resting heart rate will reduce and your heart doesn’t have to work too hard. Running also increases the blood flow in your body. It reduces the chance of arteriosclerosis, refers to the accumulation of cholesterol and fat in your artery walls, which obstructs the blood flow.

2. Running in aids in Sleeping as well

Running consumes a lot of energy, this makes the body tired, which makes the runner fall asleep quickly. A consistent workout routine improves sleep quality, boosts sleep duration, reduces insomnia, decreases stress. Insomnia is associated with stress, when we are depressed, your body releases cortisol – a stress hormone, which disturbs your sleep pattern. Exercise raises body temperature and later during the day, when the temperature, i.e. the internal thermostat of the body gets back to normal, this instigates the feeling of tiredness and promotes a good night’s sleep. Sleep is also essential for muscles to recover for the next day workout.


3. Makes your Live Longer

Running has all the important components required for overall health of the body. It increases aerobic endurance, makes your heart strong, builds immunity, aids in losing weight. It also brings a lot of physiological benefits. Running can no wonder add disease free years to your life. Running is the best form of cardiovascular workout, which increases longevity and reduces the risk of early death.

People who are not active are more prone to high risk diseases like heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. If you have that urge of skipping your early morning run every single day, you better not if you want to live longer and healthier.

4. Uplifts your Mood

Running triggers, a feel good factor, which relieves stress and upswings your mood. It has a long lasting effect on your mind, body and soul. When we run, the body releases endorphins and endocannabinoids known as happy chemicals. They boosts your mood and reduces anxiety, depression and arousal. It also enhances the body’s ability to fight mental strain and pressure.

Running also induces sleep, which prevents the brain from getting damaged, as sleep is also mandatory for mental well-being. People who don’t exercise are more prone to depression because of weak immune system. Running or any form of exercise has a positive influence on the body, which triggers a sense of happiness.

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