Toilet – Do You Take Your Mobile to the Toilet? – 7 Virus Spreading Habits


We take all required provisions to evade microbes – but not all bacteria are visible. Despite the best intentions, sometimes, the habits we think are harmless like taking our mobile to the toilet can spread and breed the germs in a surprising manner. These harmful, but normal practices can spread microbes to even the most hygienic individual you ever know. Here are 7 common routine habits that can disrupt your health.

1.Taking phone to the toilet:

Don’t tell me you don’t do this because I won’t believe it. We are so much addicted to our phone, that we can’t even poop peacefully. It might even seem like an innocuous thing. But this habit can make us sick, as the germs transfer from poop in your mouth.  And not just yours, there will be other people’s germ as well on the flush handle, toilet seat and toilet paper roll holder.

Carrying your mobile phone to the toilet could pass on fecal elements and circulate. It is a common habit to check your phone in the washroom. When we use a toilet a lot of bacteria and fecal particle releases in the air and the germs get hooked on to your phone screen, this transmits the bacteria to your body via your hand and mouth.

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2. Using a common soap bar:

As multiple people are using the common soap bar, it becomes a breeding ground for the germs. Every time you touch the soap, more germs get piled up and multiplies the germ in your hand more than you are trying to rinse away. Liquid soap is a safe option.

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3. Sharing hand towel:

Sharing can’t always be caring. Although, rarely people share bathing towels these days, but hand towel is commonly used by everyone, which can port lots of microbes that grows on a damp towel. If someone has an infection, you will also be exposed to that invisible bacteria and will get susceptible to falling sick. People don’t wash long enough. It is very common to share hand towel in the family, but this can spread germs and microorganism to everyone in the house.

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4. Close your Toilet lid always:

An open toilet lid can make you fall sick, yes, you read me right. The water inside the toilet contains microorganisms and other bacteria from urine or crap or for that matter a puke. Every time you flush, it discharges an aerosol spray of small contaminated water droplets. When the lid is open it carries an impending risk of getting infected. Therefore, when the toilet lid is closed the spread of droplets diminishes. This explicit action is also referred to as “toilet plume aerosols”, which happens while flushing. The virus in the flush because of feces or urine, remains in the washroom for several hours.

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5. Biting pen or pencil:

This can have a major impact on your health. Chew food and not your pen or pencil. This upswing the chances for germs, that cause sickness by letting bacteria or infection to enter inside your body. Your pen or pencil is full of germs and is used by several people. Therefore, chewing a pen or pencil can have severe health implications.

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6. Trying to open a packet from mouth:

The mouth is not less than a scissor. Whenever we open a chips packet or a bottle or try to open anything from the mouth, we are inviting germs as well. The infection transfers two way, you are also get vulnerable to falling sick and the person who touches the wrapper or a bottle after you. This even damages your teeth.

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7. Wash your hands after going to the loo:

We come across several men peeing on the road and straight way going to their respective places without washing their hands. Therefore, this point is especially for men as they are more likely to leave the restroom without cleaning their hands than women. Everyone has to wash their hands irrespective of poop or urine. This is the most important step to avoid getting ill and spreading bacteria to others.

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