Dark Secrets – 13 Things We Don’t Want People to Know

We all have dark secrets hidden deep down in our hearts. The secrets which make us burdened and stressed. Our secrets are usually the mistakes we have made in life; we don’t want people to know. The guilt we have has taken the maximum part of our brain. So, let me start by telling you a secret, “Mistakes make us human and they are a normal part of our life. We all make them, Isn’t it? There is a line “Shit happens”, no one wants to enter into a ruckus deliberately, but sometimes we do get entangled in situations or circumstances beyond our control.

Most of us have at least one secret, which we hide from our family and close ones. The horrible or dark secret we hold on to makes our life miserable. Sometimes we wish to turn back time to undo what we did in that particular situation. The brain works in a very peculiar manner. The more we want to suppress our thought, the handier that thought becomes. Have you ever thought about spilling them out? What do you think about them?

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There is another saying, “You are as vile as the secrets that you keep”. But, I don’t agree with it. Our dark secrets don’t make us a bad person. But, in life, we do go through some pretty serious issues, which makes us ashamed of ourselves in some or another way. There are events or things which are not in our hand, like financial issues or phobia or family past. Or let’s say you did something at the heat of the moment, which you regret even now?

So, what are those dark secrets, which we hide from others? Here is the list of 13 dark secrets which you don’t want to reveal:

1. Infidelity:

We usually hide an extramarital relationship or a one-night stand with our partner.

dark secrets
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2. Money secret:

Financial secrets such as loans, inheritance, salary, savings, etc. we don’t want to tell people.

3. Chronic disease:

People who are suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, tumor, or for that matter even much prevailing covid in the present scenario doesn’t want to share with their friends and family.

4. Sexual obsessions:

We all have sexual desires and fantasies but are scared to reveal them such as pornography, sexual preferences, masturbation, role play etc.

dark secrets
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5. Firing from the Job:

People do get embarrassed to tell others that they are fired from their respective job.

6. Stealing:

The chances are most of us have filched something at least once in our entire life. It could be either unintentionally or we stole purposely.

7. Arrest or crime committed:

This is a one big secret which we can’t even tell anyone even in our dreams.

dark secrets
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8. Taking drugs or being an alcoholic:

People hide taking drugs or being an alcoholic from their close ones.

9. A love affair:

When two people are in love, they tend to hide their relationship due to various reasons.

10. Family history:

There could be an inter-religion wedding in the family or breaking of law or poor status of relatives or history of crime etc. which we hide.

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 11.Result of the child:

Parents usually hide the result of their kids if they have scored less or failed in an examination.

12. Child abuse:

Child abuse is very common and this is one of the most common secrets we hide from others.

13. Miscarriage:

It’s a very sensitive topic and usually, people don’t want to tell this to others.

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