Cycling Clothing Tips – 5 Clothes You Should Never Wear while Cycling

Cycling is a long lost love, it has taken us back to our childhood, the adrenaline rush and the kick we get when we sit on the saddle takes us to another level. And if you weren’t born as pop-a-wheelies, there is no rocket science to it. There are astute, experienced riders on the road and there are several who are starting as a beginner. So, whatever category you fall into a proper cycling attire is very essential to have a smooth riding experience, so that you don’t waste your energy while riding. Cycling clothes are aerodynamic than the regular one, which makes your ride longer and also induces your performance.


The proper cycling clothing fits closely to the body, with no loose fabric hanging in the breeze. This actually brings a huge difference in your cycling experience. Specific clothes for riding makes the ride comfortable – either you are on the road or travelling to work or biking on the hills. But, mistakes happen isn’t?  We do get casual, sometimes about our safety and other basic but important stuff.


Here are few things which you definitely should not wear while riding a bike:

1.Don’t wear jeans:

Jeans are an amazing piece of clothing, perfect for all occasions but not for cycling. The material is often thick, hard and inflexible. While riding our hips and knees have to flex often, and this kind of material can be very uncomfortable for the groin and back of the knees. One needs to put an extra amount of effort with such kind of discomfort. Apart from, that if the jeans get wet, it will become extremely heavy and further more unbending.

2. Don’t be bare hand:

If your hands are exposed to the air while riding, this makes your finger dry and skin gets rough. While cycling on the harsh road, the vibration distresses the nerve passing through the wrist, which makes your fingers tingling and traumatized. In the worst case scenario, it can lead to median nerve compression, it is a condition in which the hand gets frail, numb and tingles. It occurs because of the acute pressure on the median nerve. Therefore, a good quality gloves are essential to protect your hand from the vibration from the road, as it will include a pad near the wrist and will also save you from the scratches in case of any accident.

3. Don’t wear loose clothing:

A well fitted cycling attire is important because of the aerodynamics. A loose cloth will create a drag and will slow down the rider. This can also catch the wind which has a probability to push the cyclists on the sideway, it can be very risky if the cyclist is near to the traffic. The clothing should fit in properly to eradicate the glide effect.


4. Don’t wear dark or dull clothes:

Wear something which will make you visible and stand out, the risk of getting hit is higher for cyclists who wear dark clothes such as black, blue, browns, grey etc. When riding in the night wear reflecting clothes to protect yourself. Even, in the afternoons or evenings the best colors would be neon, fluorescent as the sun is low on the skyline. Such colors are visible during low light situation and works best when the sun at its peak. They look captivating as well – no doubt about it.

5. Don’t wear underwear with cycling shorts:

The best advice one can give to anyone is “Don’t wear underwear beneath your cycling shorts”. Wearing underwear under your shorts rubs in uncomfortable and delicate areas, which causes itching and inflammation. The sweating caused can trap sweat and microbes. Therefore, avoid wearing them beneath your shorts for your own sake.



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