Cycling – 4 Essential Reasons Why It is an Amazing Exercise


Cycling has been part of our life since we were kids, but today it has become the most popular low impact cardio workout. It is not just an aerobic exercise, but the most enjoyable form of exercise. Cycling helps you in weight loss and it also strengthens your calves, quadriceps and hamstrings. It can be used as a mode of transport, a form of exercise and a playful activity. If you are someone who has knee issues, then cycling is a great choice. Cycling differs in intensity level, therefore anyone can do cycling regardless of age; from a first timer to someone who has spent years exercising.

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I started my cycling journey as a little girl for the sake of fun and as I grew up as a fat child, I moved on to indoor cycling and lost a lot of kilos. Later, I became an indoor cycling trainer. Soon, lockdown gave me back my long lost love and I purchased an outdoor cycle. If you are a beginner then ride on a road, but if you are not an amateur and want to challenge your body, you can opt for mountain biking or off-road cycling. The trails are rough and tricky, which engages your core and your lower body. There are lot of cycling groups in the city, you can also join them.

Cycling keeps you active, agile and brings your body in shape. It reduces the chance of cardiovascular diseases by strengthening the muscles of your heart. If you cycle regularly, you will soon notice a change in your physical strength and mental wellness. Here are few facts which makes cycling an amazing exercise:

1.Helps in weight loss:

Cycling be it indoor or outdoor burns a lot of calories, builds muscles and improves your metabolism. If you do it on a high intensity level, it reduces your overall body fat. So, if you are trying to lose weight or want to keep yourself fit, go for cycling.

2. Doesn’t stress your joints:

Cycling is a form of exercise which is very easy on your joint since it’s a low impact activity. When you sit on the cycle, the weight is on the ischial tuberosities which is a rounded bone at the bottom of your pelvis, unlike walking or jogging, where the weight is entirely on the legs. Therefore, it is a good form of exercise irrespective of age related difficulties or any joint pain. If you have medical conditions related to knees, hip and ankles, then opt for cycling as its movement doesn’t cause any injury.

If you are suffering from arthritis, then it is very helpful for recuperation. But you need to ask your doctor before following any routine. Regular cycling makes your leg muscles strong and also supports your joint.

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3. Strengthens your leg:

If you want your legs to be in shape, sit on the saddle and go for a ride. Cycling is a wonder exercise for building the muscles of your legs. It works on your glutes, calves, quads and hamstrings. You can also combine it with a bit of squats and lunges to improve your cycling performance.

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4. Protects you from serious medical issues:

Regular cycling can prevent you from serious medical conditions such as depression, diabetes, heart attack, obesity and arthritis. Lack of physical activity or leading a sedentary life can lead to several health concerns. Cycling is a fun activity which most of the people enjoy, therefore, it decreases the risk of serious health issues.

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So, if you are a passionate cyclist or a beginner, don’t miss this brilliant event by Map Studio’s i.e. THE CYCLISTS RE UNION

What is it all about???

‘THE RE UNION’ of cyclists is to encourage and promote active life, healthy community, uniting like-minded people, promoting eco-mode of transport as bicycles. The goal of the re-union is to make a positive impact on the local cycling group towards following a healthy lifestyle along with adding smiles and memories to all.

Main highlights being promoting the culture of cycling in sports and celebrating the relationship by welcoming all cyclists, relatives, friends and groups based in Delhi/NCR and a token of gifts from our hamper partners Wild drink and Nivea.


Photos and/or videos taken at this event will be displayed to the public and used for marketing purposes for future events. If you attend this event, you agree to have your picture or videos displayed.

  • Date: April, 11th 2021
  • Event will be flag off by the Officials of Delhi Police
  • Time: 6:45 AM (Early arrival is encouraged)
  • Flag off: 7:00 AM
  • Location: Connaught Place (Inner Circle)
  • Registration: Free
  • Registration link:
  • Goodies: For registered Participants by Nivea and more.
  • Surprise Gifts: (Answer all question in registration form, MANDATORY)
  • Light Snack after the ride.
  • Hydration by Wild Vitamin Drink.

Due to ongoing pandemic, we have restricted registration for Cyclists Re union to 200 Nos. on first come, first serve basis.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Email: [email protected]

Government of India and state protocol on Social Distancing Rules/Guidelines Applies. Wear Mask During Event.

* MAP STUDIO’S and others associated with this events accepts no responsibility either direct or indirect for any material or non-material damage and/or expenses incurred in the event which may arise due to participating in the Cyclist Reunion. The organizers and supporting authorities of this event have no responsibility for any/all accidents /damage/loss of life during this event.

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