Hospitals – 9 Important Reasons Why They Are Kept So Cold?


Have you ever wondered, why the hospitals AC’s are continuously running? This question is always in my mind whenever I visit a hospital. Even if the weather is extremely hot, but going to a hospital remains a chilly experience for most of the people. Hospitals are colder than our office building or other places. Many people complaint, that the hospital should adjust the temperature to keep their patients warm. But, this remains a common feature of all the hospitals and emergency rooms.

So, why it is important to keep the temperature low? I am going to share a few things, so that next time if you complain about the freezing temperatures in the hospital, you might not complain. Here are 3 specific reasons, why the hospital is kept so cold all the time:

1.Prevent Growth of the Bacteria:

Warm environment increases the growth of the bacteria. Therefore, hospitals keep the temperature low to slow viral and infectious growth. Just like we keep food in a cold atmosphere, to reduce the growth of the bacteria, the same is the concept in hospital. The cold temperature protects the patients from any new infection.

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2. To avoid building up of the humidity:

If the hospital is kept warm, the condensation will arise in the ceilings, hospitals equipments and walls. The moisture is not good for the health of the patient. It also keeps the room uncomfortable. Condensation can be a threat to a patient, as it can fall on the open wound of a patient. An air conditioning removes moisture and keeps the surface as well as the wounds germfree and prevents the growth of bacteria.

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3. To aid in storage of drugs:

The medicines are kept in cold and dry place, so that they remain effective.

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4. To avoid slippery floors due to humidity:

A slippery floor can be very dangerous, especially in the Emergency Room. When the moisture builds up and falls on the floor, the floor gets wet and greasy.

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5. For the comfort of the staff:

A hospital is one of the busiest place. The doctors, nurses and other staff are always on the move. The constant moving can raise the body temperature and make them uncomfortable. Therefore, an air conditioner helps them keep cool and avoids sweating.

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6. To decrease pain for patients:

A cold temperature leads to numbness and hence reduces the pain of the patient due to an operation or an injury.

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7. To avoid spread of the germs:

A low temperature doesn’t let the germs circulate, as bacteria don’t spread in the cold temperature.

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8. To Keep the ER machines cool:

The ER (Emergency Room) machines do overheat, as they run through the day. The cold temperature will cool down the machine and avoids any breakdown.

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9. A low temperatures help balance the heat from the bright light:

The doctor and other medical staff need bright light, but they tend to make the room warm. The air conditioner prevents the heat from the bright light and allows the staff to perform the medical procedure with ease.


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