Coronavirus – 12 Ways to Protect Yourself in a Public Place


Can you protect yourself from getting the pernicious coronavirus? There is a lot of ambiguity surrounded around the coronavirus infection, the only statistic available is, that it is an extremely transmissible respiratory virus and is spread from one person to another, through droplets of cough or cold or sneeze or breath and many more. The best way to prevent yourself from getting infected is maintaining social distancing, covering your face and washing your hands regularly. The number of coronavirus cases has increased again and there is lot of risk outdoors.

Here, are a few suggestions to take care of your health, in case it is essential for you to navigate from day to day errands or supplies:

1.Don’t stop being cautious

The outbreak is still at its peak and the second wave of infection is spreading, as city resuscitate and people go out for survival. The contagion is far from over, therefore it is necessary for you to remain watchful and keep your guard on.

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2. Don’t go out of home without a mask

Wearing a mask or coverings is mandatory if you have to step out of home for any work, as it also prevents the spread of coronavirus.

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3. Don’t treat shopping as a source of fun

To protect yourself from getting infected and also limit the exposure, you need to shop quickly and efficiently. Always carry a list of items you need to buy so that you don’t loiter around the shopping mall or an independent store and get in contact with any infected person.

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4. Maintain distance

Keep 6 feet or 2 meter distance whenever you go out for shopping while waiting at the grocery store, or buying fruits or vegetables or going for a walk, the nearer you are with other people, the higher chances of falling sick.

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5. Avoid using your fingertips

It is a very important thing to remain safe. Use your knuckles, feet, elbows and knee to press a button or open a door or touch any switch or while using an ATM because if you will use your fingertips, there are greater chances you will use your hand to touch your face or food item or any grocery.

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6. Watch where you keep your phone

Don’t place your phone on unreliable surfaces, if you can’t avoid it, wrap your phone with a napkin and then place. It is better to put your phone in your purse or pocket and don’t forget to disinfect your phone as well.

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7. Prefer an outdoor activity

In a closed environment, it is difficult to maintain a distance of 6 feet with another person. Therefore, go for an outdoor activity where you can maintain social distance like open air conveniences and park.

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8. Stack up your purse with essential stuff

Don’t leave your home without a face mask, hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol especially spray bottle and tissue paper.

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9. Use spray disinfectant often

The carts and baskets available at the stores may carry infection even though the staff do sanitize them, but your protection is your responsibility. Always use a spray disinfectant on any shared object at the mall or a store.

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10. Don’t touch items with your bare hands

When looking for a food item, use a glove or a stick for inspection, don’t hunt through apples or lemons, this will make the other shoppers uncomfortable.

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11. Don’t ignore your car

After coming back home, it is your responsibility to disinfect your car, especially if you share it with other members of the family. As this can also spread the virus to the other person through an object or infected surface.

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12. Avoid making a transaction via cash

Rely on contactless payments, rather using cash, which can also be a transporter of the deadly virus.

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