Bikini Wax – 11 Things to Take Care of Before your First Brazilian Wax

bikini wax

Getting rid of your pubic hair is very essential for maintaining a good hygiene and there is nothing wrong about it.  Brazilian (The full Betty) or Bikini wax is the best method for long-lasting impression, as it lasts for 2 to 4 weeks and its way to smooth than using a razor on your pubic area. Waxing is a customary way of hair removal and bikini wax is also not new to the masses. Although it’s everyone’s personal choice how an individual want to groom down themselves.

But, it has been observed in the past few years, an increase in demand of women going for professional wax and for smooth results and better quality service. Whether it’s their wedding night or a beach vacation or those swimming classes or just for personal hygiene, many females are opting for it over shaving because one has to reach out for razor often to shave their private part and the stubble makes them shrink.

bikini wax
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The first time won’t be an exciting experience, as many female fear excruciating pain, but the reality is it is not as bad as we think it is, the anticipation makes it worse.

Apart from the pain, letting an unknown person stripping your pubic area with wax sounds uncomfortable to many people. Waxing such a delicate part can be sore, particularly for first-timers, Though, it eradicates the hair from deep down the root, it makes your pubic hair to grow ultra-fine and softer, but as it becomes a part of your routine, with every bikini wax, there will be less pain and more ease. So, it’s your personal decision to decide how you want to get rid of them, but if you are ready to give it a go, here are few things you need to take care off before your first-time bikini wax:

1.Take a warm shower right before the appointment, as this will open the pores and will make the procedure less painful.

2. Always visit a professional salon for getting rid of the hair on the intimate area. The place should be clean, hygienic and the staff should be fully trained.

3. Don’t be nervous as the waxer won’t be judging you on your pubic hair, as she must have seen the garden of so many people before you. This is just a job for her to provide you a smooth experience and help you get rid of your intimate hair.

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4. Tell the waxer, that it’s your first time. She will be more gentle while removing the hair.

5. You need to grow your Vag hair till the length of ¼ th inch long, otherwise the wax won’t pick the hair. If your hair length is longer than as suggested, it’s better to trim them off, otherwise it will give your more pain, but don’t shave your Vag in any circumstance.

6. Make sure that a clean spatula is used by the professional. The size of the spatula for Brazilian wax is smaller than the regular one. Check with the salon people if they have wooden spatula.

7. Don’t wear tight fitting underpants or trouser after the wax is done to avoid throbbing rubbing against your tender skin.

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8. Avoid touching the area or apply any product for at least 24 hours.

9. Don’t fix an appointment for a Brazilian wax within 3 days prior to your menstrual cycle, as your skin is extra sensitive during that period.

10. If you see swelling or infection or itching after the wax, apply antibiotic cream on it. If it gets worse go visit a doctor.

11. Once you start getting your intimate parts waxed, don’t trim or shave in-between your next appointment.

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