Online Interview – 8 Tips for Students

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The online interview has become very popular amidst this pandemic. With the declaration of lockdown due to the SARS-CoV-2-virus, the entire globe has suffered radically in the past few months, infecting over 5 million individuals. Over 1.5 million schools were shut and the entire economy came to a standstill. Mainly a health concern, but it has given an outlandish challenge to the officials to choose between saving the economy or saving lives. It was more like a “Sophie’s choice”. Even though the lockdown was an appropriate step to battle the disease, but it resulted in a lot of daunting and unmatched circumstances.

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The coronavirus outbreak has a massive effect on the education system as deferring the educational activity and shifting the entire sector on an online mode – basically a stop-gap organization, has smashed the yearly academic calendar big time. Not just the board examinations or internal assessments, it has hit the students who had to give an entrance examination of various universities and competitive tests, etc. A cessation in this procedure has made the student stressed and shattered. Many of them are on the verge of losing confidence. A student who has to appear for entrance examination, confidence is a must, as this is very essential in educational achievement. A lot of things are dependent on how they perform in their competitive examination as this can make or break their hopes.

Amidst this pandemic, students are suffering from emotional stress and losing self-esteem.

The pandemic’s grave impact on the higher education sector will be a real determinant of many student’s future as there is a delay in getting the mark sheets or certificates or study further. There is an obvious suspension in student internships, appointment and for those who wants to give interview for further education. Although the online means have become the default way of education during this unprecedented period and may continue further for longer. Therefore, students who has to give entrance interviews should keep themselves calm and not to lose hope.

Online entrance or interview can be overwhelming

It will make you nervous, excited, petrified, apprehensive and what not, since students are not exposed to such an environment. Let me tell you something from my experience – there is nothing wrong with having such feelings as it is very natural to get stressed out, “We all are humans” – Right??? Here are a few tips to make you feel more confident and boost your morale at an online entrance interview at a University:

1.It’s not an end of the world

The foremost important thing is to remember, “Life is not yet over”, it is just a phase of life which we have to deal with. Get stressed only if you can do something about the situation, when you can’t do anything about it, just chill. You’re not the only one who is suffering so keep your calm and be patient. This is the time to focus on your strengths and explore more options by reading and enhancing your knowledge. You are going to turn this life’s worst catastrophe in your favor with a new zeal and passion to grow and flourish.

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2. Check the Technology

Get acquainted with the required application and equipment’s before your online entrance interview. Make a test video call to your family or friends, ensure that the mike and speakers are functional, so that on the day of the interview you don’t look like a loser, as first impression is the last impression. The internet connection should be at its best speed and support high-quality live video. One mistake most of the people does is, they don’t put their names on the screen while doing a video call. Ensure that you use your full name before starting the call, so that the interviewer can address you by your name. This looks like that you are well-prepared and thoroughly professional.

3. Talk to yourself before the interview

Remind yourself, It’s just an interview and I am going to rock it. Be compassionate and don’t be afraid to speak your heart. Most of the time students panic because it’s their first interview, but remember one thing the interviewer is also human and can’t read your mind. So be natural while answering the questions, so it is up to you, how you want to portray your image.

4. Choose the perfect place

Sit at a place where there is lots of light and a clean background. A dim light can make you appear dark and the interviewer won’t be able to see your face properly, which itself is a distraction. Find the perfect spot a day in advance.

5. Eradicate distractions

This is again a key to a successful interview. Keep your phone in silent mode, close the door of your room. Inform your peers about the same, so, that they don’t keep knocking the door. If you have a pet, keep them away. Would really want anyone moving around half naked or burping or eating food while you are sitting in an interview. Don’t put your career at risk by not being prepared well in advance!

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6. Prepare for some common questions

A video call interview is as important as a face to face round, so don’t take it casually. Preparation will boost your confidence and when you will roll out the answer it will look natural, without sounding rehearsed. The biggest drawback of video call is talking over the other person, be aware of the applications tendency. Therefore, talk slowly and clearly. Make sure you listen to your interview carefully. If something is not audible you have to ask again, rather giving irrelevant replies. More and more practice will make the interview go smoothly.

7. Sit and dress appropriately

Doesn’t matter if it’s not a face to face round, you need to dress professionally and not till your waist. The complete attire should look proper during an online interview. An interviewer may ask you to fetch something or may tell you to get up to see what you are wearing. Sitting with good posture also showcases your confidence. Look into the eyes of the interviewer while making a conversation.

8. Keep all essentials with you

A notebook, a pen and a paper should be near your vicinity, which includes your certificates. An interviewer can always ask anything related to education, just to check if your prepared.

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Just remember, the interviewer is not there to reject you, but to select a perfect candidate, these online video entrance tips will surely help you overcome your fears and make you completely prepared to create the best possible impression.

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