Aarogya Setu App- How to use it?

Aarogya Setu

Aarogya Setu

Aarogya Setu is a beneficial mobile app designed to battle against Covid 19. The app is developed and owned by the Ministry of Electronics and IT, it is being created as the prime tracing instrument in India. It keeps a user alert in case they come in contact with anyone who is Covid 19 positive. The mobile app has become the most famous application in India, the central government has made it compulsory to download the app for all the staff and with this announcement, the leader of Congress party, Rahul Gandhi also called the health care app as a “sophisticated surveillance method”.

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The pandemic is growing in hefty numbers, therefore, the mobile app helps the users to recognize their possibility of contracting coronavirus. The health concern application has garnered over 10 million downloads within days of its take-off. The mobile app can identify and track the Covid 19 positive person through smartphone’s Bluetooth and GPS features, the sensor helps in determining the threat if one is near to a diseased person. Every user has to enter their personal information at the time of registration after downloading the app, the same data will be collected by the Government of India and there won’t be any involvement of the third party as stated in the privacy features of the application.

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Prof. K. Vijaya Raghavan who is Principal Scientific Advisor to Indian Government stated in an interview to India Today TV that this healthcare app is very essential as it is useful in identifying infected Covid 19 patients. He even underlined that the government is pondering using Aarogya Setu application as an entry pass to assist travel from one part to another. Social distancing is an important tool to curtail or diminish the spear in infection and contagious ailment as per the expert’s report. Therefore, applications like Aarogya Setu are a pioneering solution and follows the same path of Social distancing, which encourages and help the government to make the users aware and protect their lives.

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How the application works?

The process is very simple, once the user installs the application from Google play store or Apple app store, it asks for consent to turn the Bluetooth and location to ON (it is advisable to keep it on throughout). After that set “location sharing” to always (this can be changed anytime in the future). Aarogya app is a method for self-checking. At the time of registration, the user has to provide answers to the questions mentioned in the app which is related to their health history and any other symptoms. If the answers will match with the Coronavirus symptoms, the details will be shared with the government. Then the authorities will then have to take mandatory measures and start with the isolation process, if required. There may be people who are infected but unaware of being Covid 19 positive but if you have installed the application you will get an alert along with guidelines on how to self-quarantine and what all measures to take in case you develop Coronavirus symptoms. The name and number of the user is not shared with anyone due to security purpose by the app, only the government has authority to know this data.

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How to use the application?

    • After installing the app, permit it to obtain your device’s location

  • Once you get the OTP, put it across
  • Select your gender from the options
  • Put your personal details like – name, age, profession as mentioned in the app
  • Then, the app will give an option whether or not you are ready to volunteer in the times of need. If you answer Yes, a 20-second assessment test starts.

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Once procedure is followed the application will get installed in your mobile phone, it will automatically sense the close by smartphones in which the Aarogya app is installed. This app is very essential to ascertain the danger of pandemic established on seasoned framework if any of the user is confirmed positive.

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