Digital Marketing future in India – 2020

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has been flying high past 4 years and if you are blindsided towards this fact, then you are going to see the world running ahead of you, with nothing left in your hand. It’s time to smell the coffee and wake up to the fact that Digital Marketing is a trend in 2020. Since the pandemic outrage, it is going to be savage in the near future more than what it was before.

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In India there are above 450 million internet consumers and businesses have no choice other than to make their presence on social media platform. Marketing technique has become very robust and powerful. There was a phase when a hoarding or a boarding would do the magic and see your product but technology has changed the game forever. Digital Marketing has not just the enhanced the way advertisement is done now but it has also made a powerful influence on the user.  With an increase in population of tech friendly internet consumers has enormously expanded the opportunity for digital marketing in India and the future seems to be very bright.

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As per a report published by Social beat, there is a massive increase in the number of brands leveraging digital marketing. Most brands focus on the following areas:

    • SMM – Social Media Marketing
    • SEO – Search Engine optimization
    • SEM – Search Engine Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Online Reputation Marketing
    • Landing page optimization
    • Blogging / Content marketing
    • Campaigning via Email

  • Inbound Marketing (Paytm Karo)
  • Web Analytics and Reporting

With a cut throat competition in the market, businesses are getting belligerent day by day. Everyone wants to grow and earn profit, the word profit has fueled all the facets of marketing and has reshaped the way businesses were done in the past. Digital Marketing is the future of marketing and has opened a plethora of opportunities for businesses.

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Covid 19 and Digital Marketing

The pandemic has slashed the economy into pieces. The traditional set up has seen the darkest phase of their life. It is a mandatory transformation for people to embrace to a digital mechanism for business transactions. It is a reality check for those who were resisting this change in the past and hadn’t started to digitally change yet. Today is the moment when technology can help us grow and expand in the future. Digital ads are catching everyone’s attention; therefore, every brand is searching for an authentic agency who can help them in curbing the impacts of the pandemic. The impact of Covid 19 on Digital Marketing:

  • Virtual and effective connectivity with the user              
  • 96% audience is online – despite maintaining Social Distancing
  • Improved Content Approach
  • Creating your own brand is the solution
  • Digital Marketing will remain constant
  • It will stabilize the economy in the future
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The statistics proposes that there will be an increase in the growth rate of Digital marketing by 40% and it won’t stop here as it is the only way to fight the financial trench in the coming days. Digital Marketing is the future in 2020.




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