Two-Timing in a Relationship: Signs that Your Partner is Cheating on You

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You recently began dating someone who looks to be the ideal match for you. You are in the utmost bliss, and everything is perfect. Yet lately, you have sensed that something is off. You keep having feelings that tell you something is wrong with your wonderland, but you are not entirely sure what they mean.

Sometimes in a relationship, you have sneaking thoughts that your partner is seeing someone else behind your back. Your doubts may not always be founded in reality, whereas sometimes these suspicions may prove to be correct.

If something feels off to you and you have a gut feeling that things are not always as they seem, it may be true. Perhaps the person you are dating is already committed to someone else. It is best to be vigilant for any signs since you already have a gut instinct that something is off.

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Nothing is worse than learning that the person you loved and trusted is two-timing you with someone else. You are currently experiencing a great deal of betrayal and hurt.

Here are some indications to help you figure out whether your partner is two-timing you or whether you are just insecure in your relationship.

1. Wherever they go, they carry a phone.

Such people are very careful about their phones, as they don’t want you to see any SMS that might pop up that might not be favorable to them. They do not want you to see them. Suddenly they have changed their passwords and refuse to share them with you, unlike before.

2. There are too many missed calls.

Calls that go unanswered often are the first indication that your partner is two-timing you with someone else The person who is two-timing will not answer your calls if they are with the other person. Does your partner not answer the phone when they claim to be at work or out with friends? Perhaps they are not being entirely truthful, and there is someone else.

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3. They frequently mention being overworked.

Your partner suddenly appears to have a lot of work to do in the office. They stay up late and are too preoccupied to chat with you. These are all typical signs that the other person is two-timing. Keep an eye out for this sign.

4. They always turn off the phone or put it on flight mode while they are around you.

If you are married and your spouse is two-timing, in this scenario, they usually turn the phone off or put it on flight mode since they do not want to be disturbed. Despite the fact that you might think it is sweet, he might always turn off his phone so as to avoid receiving calls from the other person.

5. They are frequently chatting with someone online.

Something is wrong if they spend time chatting online with someone, yet the moment you get close to the computer or phone, the window is closed. What is it that your partner is trying to conceal?

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6. You don’t know his or her friends.

You two have been dating for some time. All of your friends have met your partner, but for some reason, you have not met any of theirs. When you talk about meeting their friends, they completely avoid it. You can assume he is two-timing if this has been occurring for an extended period of time.

7. They always find an excuse to avoid going on dates.

If the person is two-timing, they start avoiding meeting you unlike before. There will always be something last-minute.

8. They react aggressively when you mention “cheating or cross-questioning them.”

Your partner have a big, strange reaction when you tell them that one of your friends is divorcing their spouse due to adultery. They even get angry when you try to cross-question them or ask them directly if there is someone else in their life. They either push all your allegations back onto you, like “you do not pick up my calls too” and “you also meet your friends”.

In an attempt to figure out your reaction, they may even make every effort to avoid the subject or unintentionally defend the cheater.

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Now, the majority of these indications may also be sincere ones, but if your gut tells you something is off, there may be something amiss. It is advisable to leave if you believe your partner to be guilty, rather than competing with the other person for their affection.

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