Kala Patthar – A mesmerizing place in North Sikkim

An unusual place to visit in North Sikkim, India, is Kala Patthar. Black rocks and unsettling mountains that appear to have been unconquered for decades surround it.

The words “kala patthar” and “black rock” are both translations of the Nepali, Hindi, and Urdu words, respectively. The area is always completely covered with snow, and the temperature is extremely low. It is primarily situated in Nepal, with a little portion in the “no man’s land” state of Sikkim. Kala Patthar is located above Chopta Valley and Thangu Valley.

There are a few black rocks scattered around the white, snow-covered landscape. The Indian Army has restricted access to this location, and visitors are only permitted up to a particular point.

Although there is poor road access to this location, it is nevertheless worth seeing because it is striking and memorable.

kala patthar

You can travel from Lachen to Kala Patthar.

Lachen, a significant location in North Sikkim, is a convenient starting point for traveling to Kala Patthar. Tourists continue to make Lachen a top priority when visiting Gurudongmar and Cholamu Lakes. It is easily accessible by taxi from Lachen and offers a variety of surprises for those looking to explore this area with friends and family. You can take a private taxi or a sharing taxi, which will be economical.

But I would prefer a private taxi any single day because the distance is long and the roads are not smooth, sharing taxis can be very uncomfortable.

The area’s black rocks give character to the ambiance.

In this region, be sure to look out for the black rocks. The location from which one may view the beauty of the Himalayan ranges is easy to get to. The gorgeous ranges provide photographers a chance to demonstrate their digital and mobile cameras.

kala patthar

Things to carry while going to Kala Patthar

If you are visiting this place:

  • Make sure to wear proper thermals with at least three to four layers of clothes.
  • Shoes with a good sole that will not slip on the frozen ice
  • Camphor if you’re feeling short of breath due to the altitude.
  • A reusable water bottle, as plastic waste is a strict no-no in this region.
  • First-aid kits in case of an emergency
  • A good camera is essential above all else to record those priceless moments and store them for later memory and adoration.
  • Carry some snacks, something that can keep you warm like dry fruits or roasted peanuts.
  • Last but not least, a neck pillow. The road condition is not that great, so a neck pillow will support your neck and you can sleep comfortably (which I won’t suggest as the views are breathtaking).

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