Covid 19 (Corona Virus) – What is going to happen if the Lock Down is for 3 months?

Lock Down

As many of people have already started getting irate with the Lock Down but it is going to have a profound effect on the common man in the coming future. The complete social and economic lock-down of India for 21 days may be more in the future has impacted the economy and well-being of large number of people. The changes within the daily routine and the chaos is giving people a tough time to cope up with, which has raised a question on humanity and the future. For many businessmen it is a night ware.

Let’s see what long term affect the Corona Virus Lock down will have on people if it stretches for another 3 months:


Increase in Pregnancy Rate

There is a global shortage of Condom after Corona Virus lock-down. Since people are working from home, intimacy among home bound couples has increased. The couples are rediscovering and experimenting every single day. People will do sex to utilize the time. With this increased intimacy and sex in the air, there are high chances that there will be an increase in the pregnancy rate in early 2021. The increase in population has major affect on the environment such as over use of natural resources and production of waste. It has long term effects on the economy like inflation, unemployment and high cost of living.

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Back and Muscle Pain

During the surging of Covid 19 all over the world, there is a lock down in several countries which imply people have to stay home and leave the house only in case of emergency. You cannot go out for fresh air and be under the sun. The sun is the ultimate source of Vitamin D. Lack of vitamin D can lead to chronic pain, osteoporosis, fractures, falling sick often and impaired wound healing. Health care specialist recommend sunlight exposure so that they get enough Vitamin D. Therefore during this lock down phase people are going to suffer heavily due to lack of Vitamin D in the body.


Weak Eyesight

Many of us are killing time by catching up on their favorite TV show or watching movie or playing video games. Watching too much TV makes your eyes weak and gives a constant head ache. Since the lock-down the time spent of Netflix, Amazon prime, hot star etc have increased. If the lock down stretches for 3 months there will be an increase in eyesight problems because of constantly sitting in front of the television, laptop, playing video games causing vision related issues in the eyes.

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The Covid 19 outbreak has led to psychological issues due to unemployment, lack of revenue and stress because of sitting at home all the time. It has lead to a major unrest and turbulence prevailing all around the corner. Being stranded to their apartment and houses it has triggered boredom and anxiety as it is something unprecedented and an unnatural practice for human beings. Economy has gone for a toss and financial loss is damaging common man leading to depression. This is going to be common scenario and people will need medical help because of the Corona Virus lock down.

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The lock-down is getting tough day by day and people are losing calm. The tiniest of argument pushes a couple to a point of conflict. It is normal for people to have arguments in a relationship but when you stay at home the entire day, you are spending more time in arguing. We all are different and have our way of living and defined set of rules, therefore if a couple keep enforcing their rules on each other fights will happen. During lock down it is quite evident that couple do bicker and fight about little things as being together 24 by 7 will raise issues. The cause can be financial stress, social distancing as being at is an unnatural thing, over thinking, kids handling and miscellaneous reasons. Most likely, there will be increase in the divorce ratio this year.

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Sitting on your couch throughout the day induces many health risks like obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol etc. When we are physically inactive also referred to as a sedentary lifestyle caused by playing video games, sitting in front of the TV/laptop. Obesity is not a choice but due to the lock down there is not option other than to restrict you from going out and getting engaged in any physical activity.

One can even work out at home but it requires a strong will power and determination which not everyone has. Therefore, no wonder this lock-down will lead to Obesity and other cardiovascular diseases.


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