Goa – 10 Essential Things You Must Carry If You are Travelling to Goa During Monsoon’s

Goa is a major tourist attraction thanks to its splendid beaches and captivating picturesque beauty which makes you visit this spellbinding place again and again. Goa becomes greener and more attractive during the monsoon season. Since it’s on the Konkan coast of the nation, tourists can witness a lot of rain during this season. The sight of beaches soaking in the rain during this weather makes it more stunning and enthralling.

Monsoon and Goa

The monsoon in Goa enhances its lush green natural beauty and the sound of the wave along with drops of rain will calm your senses down. It is one of those times of the year to go on a vacation with closed ones as there won’t be any dust and pollution. Monsoon is also considered as the “off-season”; therefore, it is the best time to visit Goa. Since not many people want to visit during rain, you can find yourself some great deals while booking accommodation.  You can get to stay in the luxury hotels you always wanted to without burning your pocket.


The weather will let you unwind amid spectacular nature and indulge in activities such as fishing, cruises, trekking, and walking on the beach with the rain falling on you. Monsoon makes the nightlife livelier and pulsating. The romantic season is ideal for couples who want to spend some quality time away from the hustle-bustle.

Here are few things you can carry along with you if you decide to travel to Goa during the monsoon season and endure the time of year with comfort:

1.Waterproof rain cover and dry bag:

When you travel to Goa during the monsoon, don’t forget to carry a dry bag and a waterproof rain cover as it will protect your belongings from getting wet.

2. Raincoat or an umbrella:

This is another essential to carry along during the rainy season to avoid getting wet. This also protects your body from hypothermia and rashes caused due to wet clothes.

3. Press/Iron:

The fastest way to dry up your wet clothes is by ironing them and placing them under the fan. As it might rain throughout you want to be able to hang them outside.

4. Extra plastic bags:

It’s always better to carry extra plastic bags to keep your wet clothes and other electronic items.

5. Insect or Mosquito repellent:

Monsoon season is the hub of mosquito-borne disease because of stationary puddles and jammed drains. Therefore, always carry mosquito repellents, creams, or sprays along with you.

6. Appropriate Footwear:

Always carry footwear that is apt for the monsoon season. Floaters and sandals are the best options. Avoid leather shoes or high heels and pack something which has a good grip so that you don’t slip, therefore invest in a good pair of footwear.

7. Synthetic clothes:

Choose your clothes as per the weather. During monsoon’s synthetic or nylon clothes will get dry faster therefore pack your bag wisely. Wet clothes start to smell after a while and can also give you a rash. Knee or above knee-length trousers and short sleeve shirts or tops are the best options.

8. Hairdryer:

Hair takes a lot of time to dry up during the rainy season. Therefore, a hairdryer will come as a savior. It is better to avoid wet clothes as you can fall sick.

9. Water-resistant cover for your Go-pro or camera

If you want to capture the green beauty, buy a water-resistant cover for your Co-pro or camera. The waterproof casing will protect your device.

10. Avoid makeup or carry waterproof makeup:

Skin without makeup always looks natural and glowing. But if you want to carry makeup make sure it is waterproof.



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