How to deal with Depression post Divorce?


Divorce is the most painful and an emotional event one can ever deal with. It shatters your life, your surroundings and makes you unsettle in your head. What ever the reason for the break up is, it is the most turbulent phase of your life. Feeling despair, heartbroken and miserable is a conventional reaction to grinding time. Post divorce depression can intrude with your capacity to work, reaction in a given scenario, ability to sleep and doesn’t let you behave normal. Managing your anguish becomes the prime concern because whenever a relationship gets over it takes time to come out of it. The pain in the heart empties out your energy, detaches you from the rest of the world and you go through lot of mood swings. Therefore, it is very important to give priority to your mental and physical well being.

Below are few suggestions for deal with Divorce Depression which will help you stay strong and move forward in life:



Join a hobby class


This is one advice I give to everyone whether you are stressed or happy. A hobby class breaks a momentum from your daily routine. You see a new side of yours and your mind is temporarily away from the agony you are going through. It is the best way to come out of post divorce depression. On the other side your new found free time from a big chunk of responsibility will let you tick your dreams and you will get enough time to explore yourself. Therefore, engaging your mind in something creative can elevate your mood. This adjourns the negative thought prevailing in your mind.



Start working out or change a fitness routine


Many doctors recommend people struggling from depression to start an exercise regime. Exercise increases serotonin in your brain which helps in eliminating misery and sorrow. Due to emotional crisis many people skip their workout routine but it is not going to resolve your issues. Not exercising will also lead to over eating or eating junk food which will pile on extra calories and make you gain weight which will cause more stress. Changing your fitness routine will also work as it will decrease angst, weariness and uncertainty.


Keep a pet


Pets are the best stress relievers and won’t let you feel lonely. Possessing a pet is like having camaraderie. They can give you company while jogging or any other activity. They keep you engaged throughout the day and doesn’t let you sit idle at home. Pets are dependable and loving. A pet gives you a reason to get up early in the morning and shapes your day effectively.

Go on a holiday


Travel helps you fight depression, no second thought to it. Travelling is therapeutic and enhances mood. I am not saying travel will heal you from depression but it is the best remedy for coming out of a difficult situation. It makes your mind disengage from the things happening around and also distracts you from the ongoing emotion in the heart. Travelling gives you time to analyze your life and you can make decisions with a logical head. Mother earth has showered us with beautiful nature and it has a very calming effect on your mind.





Disengaging from others is the first thing we do when we are going through a tough time like divorce. We intentionally avoid meet people and their questions. But we tend to forget that spending time with them and sharing what you are going through is the only way to come out of pain and agony. It is essential to spend time with people who care for you and supports you. They are the ones who will stand with you through thick and thin. Connect with people whom you trust.


Pamper yourself


We all need pampering and self care. It could be shopping, going to a spa, taking a long bath a nice haircut or a facial, going to your favorite restaurant or eating a chocolate. It can be anything. A divorce can upset and disorganize your life, you start losing interest in looking good and feeling happy. Make some time to look after yourself. This will make you feel appreciated. If you have kids send them to your parents or arrange for a baby sitter for sometime so that you can go with a relaxed mind.



Conclusion: End of the day just remember one thing, time will heal everything, you will get through this Phase sooner and later. Anger, resentment is normal as divorce is a huge loss but there is nothing which you can’t conquer.

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