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Khiladi Kumar aka Akshay Kumar was famous for slobbering over the leading ladies of the Indian cinema during his grappling days in the tinsel town. The charming, good looking and down to earth actor who is above 50, was known for his Romeo image in the Bollywood. Akshay grabbed a lot of attention of the leading ladies because of his wittiness and magnetism.

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When it comes to fight scenes no one can replace Khiladi Kumar but when it comes to charming the lady he tops the chart as well. From one love angel to another capturing the heart of Bollywood beauties, Akshay was known for his flamboyant image. Akshay had several affairs with most of the Bollywood hotties but when he met Twinkle, he decided to take a plunge without wasting time and proposed her immediately. Here’s a look at some of his famous love affair which made headlines at the beginning of his Bollywood cinema.


Akshay and Shilpa created a phenomenal chemistry on screen. With the success of “Main Khiladi Tu Anari” they became the famous couple of the B-Town in the late 90’s. Their alleged affair was always in the scanner of media. But after dating for one year, Shilpa parted ways with him as he was two timing her with Twinkle Khanna – his better half now.

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The movie “Mohra” blossomed the love between Raveena and Akshay. Raveena was already a heartthrob and Akshay arose as an action king. There was a grapevine that they have tied the knot secretly in a temple but nothing was concrete, although they confirmed the news of the engagement in a temple. The sizzling couple parted ways because Akshay’s flirtatious attitude and infidelity.  Raveena also disclosed that Akshay wanted to hide the engagement ceremony as he was scared to lose his female fans.

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The blockbuster movie “Khiladi” ignited the romance between the lead couple Akshay and Ayesha who’s on screen chemistry gripped the audience. The cute looking Ayesha and rough & tough Akshay tasted success with their Bollywood hit, Khiladi. The gossip-mongers started talking about the new couple of the town, but after dating for a while the duo parted ways.

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This rumor till date is unbelievable and appalling.  During the shooting of “Khiladiyon ke Khiladi”, Akshay and the veteran actress Rekha became very close and had a tiny fling. Rekha reportedly was madly in love with the Khiladi Kumar. The reports of their affair disturbed Raveena Tandon, as she was dating Akshay at that point. She warned Rekha to stay away from her boyfriend. Eventually the short lived affair died soon after several months of affection.

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Akshay and Pooja were seeing each other even before joining the Hindi Cinema. Pooja was a renowned model and had done a couple of Bollywood movies. She even helped him to fix his foot in the tinsel town and also introduced him to the famous parties of B- Town. Soon, there separation news was on every magazine and channel. 

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Lastly, after dating the most beautiful leading ladies of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar decided to get married to his girlfriend Twinkle Khanna in a hush hush affair. Twinkle is the daughter of famous celebrity couple Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia. The khiladi kumar wanted to change his Casanova image and bring stability in life.

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