Rakhi Sawant – A Real & Powerful Entertainer in Bigg Boss 14

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant has impressed the Bigg Boss 14 viewers and has been grabbing attention since she entered the reality show. The audience also took to twitter and has been praising her for being an entertainer. Every time “the controversy queen” proved that she is the real drama queen of BB 14.

Rakhi Sawant
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The Bigg Boss 14 has failed this season big time as the audience felt that the contestants were boring and the humor was missing. But, the show started to gain popularity, post the entry of previous Bigg Boss contestants. Undeniably, Rakhi Sawant has stolen the limelight amongst everyone. With her one-liners and style of speaking, she keeps everyone entertained in the house as well the viewers. It seems so evident that she is enjoying her stay in the house. The netizens expressed on twitter, that they want her to become the captain of the house. She is being called as a breath of fresh air in the dull house.

This is what audience feels for Rakhi:

A true comedian

The audience feels she really entertains them with her wit and jokes. One of the fans requested Kapil Sharma on twitter to keep Rakhi as a permanent member in “The Kapil Sharma”. Rakhi also told Aly and Rahul that she has MBBS degree and tried to fool them, the scene was epic.

Amazing one-liners

She entertains everyone with her one liners and witty remarks. The audience is in awe of her. A netizen posted a one liner by Rakhi: In one of the scene Rakhi said: tab maine makeup nahi kiya tha isiliye nahi bola, par ab maine make up kiya hein ab mein bolungi. She is really hilarious.

Imitating Arshi Khan

When Rakhi mimics Arshi, she takes the entire game to another level.

Real and not fake

The audience has seen a new side of Rakhi Sawant, which is real and honest.

True entertainer

BB 14 fans find her very hilarious for her amazing and comical activities in the house. A complete package of entertainment and adds a new spice every single day. When she tried to scare as Julie, it shocked everyone in the house. Rakhi continued her pranks in the task where she has to act as Julie and managed to jolt everyone. The audience was really smitten by her act.

Rakhi sawant
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Initially, the audience were not too happy when they got to know Rakhi Sawant will be entering the house. But she won the viewer’s heart. Her extremely funny face brings a smile on everyone’s fan. An ultimate drama queen, many instances has proved that she is the soul of the house. Shehnaaz Gill was tagged as the entertainer of the BB 13, but the title has been given to Rakhi Sawant in BB 14. The maker of the Bigg Boss took a wise and practical decision by calling the old contestants back on the reality show such as Manu Punjabi, Arshi Khan, Vikas Gupta and Rahul Mahajan.

Rakhi sawant
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