Bigg Boss 14 – Will Rubina be the Winner of Bigg Boss 14?

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With Bigg Boss 14 – Salman has again proved that he is the reason why zillions of people watch Bigg Boss. He is the biggest entertainer on Indian television. Although Bigg Boss, couldn’t fire up the TRP as expected but because of Salman Khan, the reality tv show remained in limelight on the social media platform. Salman has a very distinctive style of hosting the show. He undoubtedly knows how to involve the viewers and he did the same with Bigg Boss 14 as well and managed to keep the audience entertained. And now as the Bigg Boss is reaching its end, audience have got hooked on it. The participants Rubina Dilaik, Eijaz Khan and Rahul Vaidya has won the likes of audience especially Rubina.


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A Popular Contestant

Rubina Dilaik, is popularly known for her performance in the serial Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, in which she was paired opposite Vivian Dsena. She is being considered as one of the possible winner of Bigg Boss 2020. Rubina has a huge fan following and catches a lot of attention with her stint on the show. Her verbal fights with Arshi and Rahul Vaidya have become quite famous amongst the audience. She is the most talked about participant of this season and has also emerged as a strong contender. Be it during the task assigned by Bigg Boss or her chemistry with her husband Abhinav Shukla or her arguments with other contestants, her presence has been felt every time.

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A Clear Winner

As per former participants Kamya Punjabi and Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Rubina is a clear winner of Bigg Boss 14. Devoleena while replying to a Twitter user, stated that Shakti Star Rubin will win the show. And further Kamya Punjabi replied on Devoleena’s tweet that Rubina will only win BB14.

Although, the other mates in the house, addresses Rubina as dominating and bossy. But her devoted fans are supporting the Choti Bahu in every possible manner on the various social media sites. The latest trend on twitter is Stop Rubina Pe Vaar. But, to know what actually happens on the finale, we got to wait and see if she finally manages to take the BB 14 trophy and the prize money.

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Shockingly, Kavita Kaushik also wants Rubina to win the reality show. Previously, Kavita left the show after an ugly fight with Rubina. In fact, in the beginning, Rubina Dilaik would often get into nasty arguments with Salman Khan, the host of the show. And when Salman used the word ‘saaman’ for Abhinav Shukla, her husband, Rubina went to Bigg Boss and complaint against Salman Khan. She didn’t take the comment very well. Of late, she was also criticized by the host for always targeting Arshi, by using wrong gestures.

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What do you think who will win Bigg Boss 14?

And now with all the turns and spirals, the grand finale is about to happen. The social media is going crazy, as the audience is backing their favorite participants. The competition is very tough. But somehow, this question keeps coming up, Will Rubina take the trophy of Bigg Boss 14? She is strong headed and knows her game very well. And if you have seen the previous seasons Bigg Boss, participants like her have always succeeded in winning the show. At present, Bigg Boss 14 is making lot of news. So, let me ask your what do you think who will win Bigg Boss 14?

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